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the Fast and the Furious at Albany pond

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wackyworm, May 20, 2004.

  1. After being cooped up, with all the rain and such, and not being to get out fishing for about a week, I was itching to go. The weather was still borderline around noon today (Wed)so I didn't want to drag out the boat, so I decided to hit a pond close to my home. It drizzled going there and a few times there, but man did I have fun! :) I fished from about 1 -5 and I caught more bass than I have all year so far (and probably last year too). I imagine it was 20-30 easy. I know, I always seen those stories too and wondered, but I guess it can happen. The biggest was maybe alround 2#, not big but fun. Started out using ultra light with 1 1/2 inch floating Rapapla, bait casting with buzz bait, and spinning with and a new Panther Martin frog. Got a lot of 'NICE - BIG' bluegills on Rapala along with some bass, some on buzz and a couple on frog. Then I switched to plastic worm on my spinning outfit, the Bass were eating them up like candy, was losing alot so I switched to my bait caster with a new Gamagatsu hook. That helped a lot. The bite slowed a little the nicer the weather got, but still good action. Had to drag my self away.
  2. Great job on the bass. Isnt it fun when they are really hitting and you can try out all kinds of different baits?

  3. Great day! I've got the itch after all the rain but figured that fishing would be dead until next week sometime. I was leaning towards sneaking out Friday or Saturday morning before class, so THANKS for sharing the update. I've got my own pond between Athens and Albany that is nice. Hopefully, I'll have the same type of action.
    I do have a question. Was the water real muddy or stained? I would have thought most would be fairly muddy!