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  1. when is the official end of the steelies run in the tribs?
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    When the last one returns to the lake:p Although I do not fish for them once they start going on the redds(can't stand sight fishing) they should be around for a couple more weeks. I know I can always target the fresh fish or dropbacks that are in deeper water but steelie fishing in very warm weather just is not right.:D The weather has a lot to do with how quickly they leave the tribs.

  3. The memo i got said 12:32am, check your sources joel
  4. they will hang in the rocky (and a lot of other tribs) till well into may. there are a lot of fish that will stay in there till they pretty much die. i'm guessing they are not the smart ones ;)
  5. Yeah, I've seen them as late as June, but by that time there are not too many and they're very beat up and fragile.

    I'm like Bigdaddy, I don't fish for the spawners when they're on the gravel. They're too concerned with spawning and won't hit well, and all you're going to do is end up snagging them. You should still be able to find some fresh chrome in the fast, deeper runs for a little while longer.
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    Yeah, you can still find them, but with the river temps close to exceeding 65 degrees there’s a real good chance that they will die once released no matter how quick and gentle you are landing them. If you are going to continue fishing for steel you may as well keep what you catch especially if the water is warm. I agree with what was stated by the other guys, give the spawners a chance to do there thing and if you have to fish for them at least fish for the drop backs only. To answer your question, IMO the seasons over when ODOW stocks the smolts.
  7. Fish for them at the mouths like you do in the fall. There is never anyone there and the fishing is good. I got my biggest of the season last weekend at Mentor Headlands.