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  1. Does anyone know how well the they did on ladue yesterday? Also where on dobass can I find the reports from the tournaments I can only find the pictures.
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  3. Peple- I thought you graduated...;) Use that mouse a little and dont be scared to click around!!!

    Kitson's weighed in nearly 16lbs to take yet another first place and $935 (on 16 teams!) - Kravic and Germann second with 13.25 and third Bates and Jordan with 12.17

    Note the bigbass weight at a whopping 6.62lbs....very healthy looking summertime bigbass too!! Woulda went 8 in spring. Caught by current points leaders of Petz/Greenfelder in final hour of the event.

    Kitsons C-rigged ( I watched many of their hump fish get caught) Second- threw topwaters ALL day and third sounded like they worked mostly weededges with worms and senkos- nothing deeper than 6ft.

    Pic's are updated online at

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    Was this a 12" or 14" size limit?
  5. I wish I would have done that good the other day, Maybe I'll hit it later this week.
  6. I know you're alot smarter than me but aint there an "o" in people?:confused: ;)