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"The Dead sea Report" Aug. 17, 2007

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. We hit the Dead Sea {C C} again today . We got on about 9am and came off about 330 pm. The surface temp was still 83 degrees and the lake level is down about 1and 1/2 foot I would guess.

    We caught and kept 11 nice black crappie again up to 11". We also caught sheephead, gills, sm bass, l m bass, perch and about 15 saugeyes. The eyes were not over 14" and all were returned to the water.

    By afternoon there were so many big noats running on the lake we could not hold our position and lost contact with the crappies but they will be there next time.

    It was another great day to be on that beautiful lake and enjoying some good fishing. FISH ON
  2. Hi Taxi.
    You know its a funning thing. I used to go over to CC, and
    fish the spillway after dark, but I never have used my boat.
    Got any directions, which Ramp, and which way to point my
    boat to find'em

    Much Appreciated!

  3. were you in the north pool? What did you catch the eyes on?
  4. North Pool, live night crawlers bounced on the bottom.