"The Dead Sea " 5lb. 24" eye today

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  1. We arrived on the lake about 9am and found the lake level almost too winter pool but you can still use the ramps and the docks are still in. They don't pull the docks until about mid November. The water temp was 73 degrees and the water is really clear down to about almost 2 ft now.

    We started off for crappie in our trees and only caught 2 of them but all nice ones. We moved to some other trees and got one more.

    We than moved to the hump in front of the Furnace ramp about noon. At first it was slow with no action at all not even and blue gills. After about a hour of casting night crawlers we started to get some small eyes. They ran from 12" to 15" and after about an hour I hooked a nice eye and after a good fight we got it in the net. It was 24" and weighed in at 5lbs on the nose. He was caught on a night crawler bounced on the bottom on a gold eagle claw #6 hook with two # 7 split shots. All in all we caught about 9 eyes and kept 5.
    The crappie fishing has been slow but good with nice size ones being caught. You don't get many but what you get are all real nice.
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    Now THAT is a good report! Facts and details pertinent to the fishing,no bs or bragging. Nicely done,TC1

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    Thyat sounds like a nice fish for the dead sea or anywhere.Good job migth try myself next week.Nice to here a positive report.
  4. If I can download it this is the fish I caught this friday at C C just to show you that "Dead sea" is well and alive.

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  5. Nice going I just got back from 4 days down there here is what I caught.
    I fished Caesar’s Creek Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today. I caught 24 Saugeyes, 10 White Bass, 9 Sheephead , 2 Channel Cats, 10 Bluegill, 3 yellow perch, 3 Crappie, and 1 carp.
    All the fish were caught drifting and dragging night crawlers across the bottom. It was a great weekend of camping and fishing. Friday morning the state stocked another 200 Muskie at the campground ramp. A lot of Saugeyes were caught this weekend.
    Again I saw many small 10 to 12 inch Saugeyes put in live wells and coolers. These fish would be nice size next year if they were released. People wonder why they don’t catch many 18 to 24 inch fish. The reason is people keep them before the have a chance to grow.