The Circleville Ramp on the Scioto

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  1. I was planning on doing some catfishing on the Scioto down by circleville and I was wondering how the new access point that the state put in at SR 22 was. I have a 2-wheel drive truck and I didn't know if I would be able to get my 16ft bass boat unloaded without getting stuck. Any suggestions?:confused:
  2. i didnt know there was a ramp there, but i am currently driving by it every day so ill go there tommorow and look, ill let u know.

  3. One of my fishing buddies said that the DNR put in a new parking lot just as you cross the river heading toward Washington Court House. He said that they also cut a road along the levee that went to a ramp directly below the Cirlcevile Riffle. But what he calls a boat ramp most other fisherman would call a canoe launch so I just wanted to make sure before I drove all the way over there. Thanks for checking for me.
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    i have actually stopped at the parking lot and went to look for a place to fish down there.haven't seen no boat ramp,there is a gravel road,but don't know where it leads to.and didn't see no signs for a ramp of any kind.
  5. The gravel road goes down to the river and is the boat ramp. Its gravel all the way down but its not too bad, I have put a boat in several times with a 2 wheel drive ranger. Dont plan on a very big boat though cause its a pretty shallow ramp and I had to push the boat off the trailer.
  6. Twister tail,

    Is there any deep water around (within a couple miles) and if so what direction. I figured I would not be able to get my 16ft boat up past the riffle with a large motor on the back. Or even get it off the trailer.
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    How's the place look for kayak fishing? Is there still several riffles and rock/sandy bottom, or mostly slow muddy pools?
  8. I've seen it a few times...never really been down to it but i do know a few guys who have and its a rock/sand ramp and it is suspose to be kinda shallow by the ramp...the parking lot is nice tho! haha
    i know there are a few holes down river from the ramp...i havent fished that area for a few years so i dont know how much it has changed...we caught alot of small mouth down river tho! so?
  9. If you go downstream you better pay attention to what you're doing. There's an old bridge in the river that can put a hurting on you and your boat.
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    Looks great for kayak fishing.
  11. Can you get a boat over the old bridge and more inportantly back up?
  12. You can, but fluctuating water levels can change how easy or hard it is. There is one specific chute you need to go thru. I've never crossed during low summer levels. I always warn people of this area because a buddy of mine nearly drowned there. He was crossing it when the water was up enough to cover most of the bridge. His boat hung up on it, the current turned him sideways and flipped his 14' jon boat. He had never been there before, and wasn't familar with what all was under the water. He won't try that again.
  13. i went down there yesterday and the road dips down before u get to the ramp, the river was up but from what i could tell it shouldnt be a problem when the water is down
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    If you want to catch catfish, you can can catch shovelheads within walking distance of the ramp. If you want shovels and channels, head north up river. Give me a pm and I can let you know about a few places. I grew up here on the river. We used to mud run the whole river bottom before the State stepped in and even drive across the river where the ramp is
  15. ive been fishing down there for several years, i would not listen to anyone that tells you you can put a bass boat in better have a jon boat with a jet drive engine or your not gonna make it back to the ramp. its a pretty dangerous stretch to be in when the waters high, and not enough water when its low..however their is some great flathead fishing to be found in the area, with or without a boat.