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The Brave And His Horses

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mbass8dor, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. There Once, Was A Young Indian Brave In Love With The Chief's
    Daughter. He Asked The Chief For His Daughters Hand, The Chief
    Said, You Have To Prove Yourself To My Daughter. The Young
    Brave Very Happy By What The Chief Said, Went To The Tee Pee
    And Told Her You Will Be My Wife, She Said No
    He Told Her, I'll Be Back. The Brave Went Hunting And Shot A
    Huge Deer, The Chief Was Very Impressed. So The Brave Went
    To The Tee Pee, With Deer In Hand Told Her, I'm A Great Hunter
    You Will Be My Wife Now. She Said No.
    The Young Brave Tells Her I'll Be Back. The Brave Goes Out On
    The War Path, And Kills Many Enemy. Again The Chief Is Very
    Impressed, Again He Goes To The Tee Pee, And Tells Her I'm
    A Great Warrior, I Killed Many Enemy. We Will Marry Now,
    She Said No. Now The Chief Walks Up To The Brave, And Tells
    The Brave If You Catch 6 Horses You Can Marry My Daughter.
    With This News He's Jumping With Joy, He Goes Out And
    Catches The 6 Horses. The Brave Walks Up To The Tee Pee
    This Time The Chiefs Daughter Is Smiling At Him. The Brave
    Told Her Now You'll Be My Wife, She Said Yes. The Brave Said
    No, You Don't Want Me You Want 6 Horses.
  2. HUH? What'd ya say?

  3. Oh Yea/////6 Horses Will Keep Her Busy/////////