The Block or Yellow Jacket

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  1. I am looking for a crossbow target. Anyone have any input on broadhead targets The Block or Yellow Jacket? Will the bolts come out easy on the YellowJacket?
  2. Out of 45 views not 1 every used aether one of these targets?

  3. We use a gander mtn knockoff and it and it stops bolts just fine. We even shoot broadheads in it and have shot a crapfull at it. Its has the layers with black shrinkwrap looking material around the side as well as a band. After hunting season they will probally be on sale if you can wait.
  4. I haven't had much luck with any kind of block target for broadheads. They all seemed to get chewed up pretty fast and considering how expensive they are, I don't care for them much.

    I've gone to the foam blocks. They run about $20 and they last a season or two, which is about all I get out of the foam blocks if I shoot a lot.

    The foam blocks seem to stop both broadheads and field tips very well.
  5. I have the two sided block target and I use mechanical broadheads with it no problem.
    I can also tell you that I switched to carbon express bolts this season and they do not pull out near as easily for some reason.
    Also the insert pulled out of two of the carbon bolts leaving the the tips deep inside the target. That adds up $ pretty quickly.:)
  6. I've had two of the "Black Hole" brand layered foam targets. They work well for field tips but with any kind of broad head tips fixed blade or expandable, they shred the layers when you pull the arrows out. Doesn't take too many shots before the target is worthless. You up with a pile of shredded foam pieces on the ground and a target that won't stop an arrow from going through it. Same thing with my Glendale 3D buck.

    Once my block got all shredded up, I stuffed all kinds of paper in it with a putty knife to plug it back up. Worked for a while.

    Do the Block 4x4's work any better??
  7. Well I can tell you for sure DO NOT BUY the yellow jacket. THe foam is getting all chewed up. The foam pulls out when you pull the bolt out. Other thing I see is it is the foam is backed by plastic. So the bolt is getting stopped by force not friction like they say "The Block" will. I can't see it lasting
  8. It can be a pain in the A$$ to get your broadheads out but I shoot into a cardboard box full of rags.I have a Horton crossbow and the rags stop the bolt every time.I leave the top of the box open so I can get at the broadhead to work it out of the rags.Field tips slide right out.
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  9. I got 'The Block' last year for X-mas and haven't had a problem with it yet shooting field tips and broadheads into it.
  10. I picked up "The Block at first. After I got it home I was looking at it ad theres nothing to them. Plywood shrink rapped around packing filling. So I took it back and got the yellow jacket. (Hank Parker recommendation ffftt). I seen video of some hard core bow shooters useing The Block and it looked like it worked sweet.

    Maybe the next one I need I'll try making my own like the box of rags. Allot cheaper then $80bucks. lol