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The BIG boys are moving

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by truck, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. My son was out last night and saw a real big boy working a scrape.Looks like the game is starting!!!!!!!
  2. I don't hunt scrapes all that hard but this is definitely the time you want to pay attention to them.;)

  3. We don't either,he was walking out of the woods & saw him.When came in the house last night He had that look on his face,I new He had seen Bullwinkale!!!It has been 5 years sence the last time he was cruising our hunting area.
  4. Was just talking to a buddy of mine who arrowed an urban button buck this morning. He said he saw a lot more bucks moving this morning.
  5. just got back from wheeling WV and Cabelas. On the way to and from Columbus (Interstate 70)I saw 5 dead bucks on the highway. All had small racks. I also saw 1 huge and one small basket rack in the middle of grassy fiels at 8:45 and one at 9am. Both were out in the open between the Brownsville/gratiot exit and Zanesville.