The best rod repair shop in SW Ohio

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Trophy Hunter, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. I have an 8' ugly stick heavy action casting rod that needs a tip replacement. I'm in Cincinnati and am looking for a place to repair it for me. Also I'm looking to put a good baitcast reels with a clicker on it. The rod handles 40 to 80lb test. I'd like something that can throw a gigantic bait with a big weight. I'm thinking about using a braided line too. I have never used braid so any advice will help. Any suggestions?
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    Trophy Hunter - You can replace rod tip yourself in about 5 minutes with kit. Heat old tip, pull off. Apply glue to new tip, heat and put on rod. Sets up in a few seconds. Glue same stuff as hot glue sticks used in crafts. Kits can be purchased about anywhere for about $4.

  3. there used to be a guy with a custom rod shop (specialized in custom surf/paylake poles) in Mason, he would hook you up if he's still around. think his shop was called "steves rods", had him customize a couple rods for me a few years back.. was right accross from a lake/park right outside of town, sorry i'm not familiar with names of roads down that way:eek:
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    Steve's is no longer there. He used to be right across from Pine Hill Lakes in Mason.