The best line is ??????

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  1. In your opinion, what is your favorite line and why? Please include what test, and what type of fishing you're doing. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated by many.
  2. Iuse stren 8# never broke line yet walleye fishing in land lakes

  3. 20# Berkley big game. Flippin' n' pitchin' heavy cover for LM.
  4. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    6lb-8lb vanish for steelies
    8lb cajun red for LM
    12lb-20lb berkely big game for pike
    4lb vanish for bluegill/crappie/perch
  5. ezbite

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    i used to use 30# power pro for trolling, but now i have switched over to 40# power pro because it closer matches the 10# mono dive curves in the trolling bible. make sense???:D
  6. 50 lb Power Pro for frogs, buzzbaits in heavy cover and jigs in water over 12 foot
    12lb Cabelas flourocarbon for crankbaits and worms and jigs in less than 12 foot
    12lb Pline flouroclear for topwater
    cajon red mono for backing for all the above I only put on about 75 yds of any of the above. The red backing tells me when I am at the backing when changing line.
  7. We use Cajun Red, 4# for Crappie, 6# for Walleye, and 20# for Catfish. We love it! It is the hardest line to break. Trust me, if line can be broke, I will break it!!! I get hung up a lot! That's what I get for fishing in the structure!! This line disappears 3' below the water. Up at our store you can reline your reel with the Cajun Red 4#-40#! That is how much we like it!
  8. I like cajun advantage 6- 12# also 20,and 30 # power pro,just depends on the type of fishing as to witch line to use,if I had to choose 1 for an all around general purpose it would have to be the cajun advantage in either 8 or 10# test
  9. I see alot of posts that indicate a light weight fluorocarbon for panfish but other types for larger game fish. Is it because the panfish get spooked with seeing the line or is there other reasons?
  10. BiteMyLine

    BiteMyLine Just One More Cast

    Baitcasters > Powerpro 6/20
    Spinning > 6# Pline Evolution

    I fish all types of situations from Maumee in the spring to the Ohio River, farm ponds, creeks and occasionally IL. I fish heavier line only when I'm around all those rocks that way one little nik in the line will not destroy my chances of landing a big fish. The funnest time of the year is one week after mother's day on the Maumee fishing for sheephead. We use jigs and twisters and have multiple bruises all over our chests and stomachs not to mention absolutely buring forearms from catching so many fish, 5-25# range no lie catching 50+ a day easily. You have to have some heavy line for this and Powerpro is byfar my favorite.
  11. Spiderwire and Fireline. Thiner diameter and stronger, no strech. Ive had the same line on my reels for 4 years and its still as strong as the day i out it on there. Only thing i did differently was use a lighter brass hook, and less drag.
  12. K gonefishin

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    Trolling line for planer boards, jets, bottom bouncing, long lining, Maxima green 10 pnd test, best mono I've ever used.

    Dispey's 30 pnd Power Pro, going to 50 next year for salmon/walleye set ups.

    Perch, 30/8 power pro.

    Walleye jiggin 30/8 power pro

    Steelies in river- 8 Sren Original

    Seaguar Flouro for leaders for trolling and makeing spinner rigs

    30 pnd Fireline for double willow harnesses

    # 6 or #8 Seaguar for leaders for river steelies

    Bass fishing- casting cranks or pitchin worms, 8 pound Stren Original
  13. I mostly use Silver Thread copolymer in the lo-vis green. Mostly 12lb test for my wormin and soft plastics and 15 to 17lb test for topwaters, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jig fishin. I use the 8 to 10lb test for drop shottin. For years I was a die hard Trilene Big game fan. I switched over when I started having beaking problems.