The Battle In Ohio

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by smallie, Oct 17, 2004.

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    Once Again It's Time For The Clowns And Bengals To Rumble. I Hope All The Clowns Shared Thier Bottles Of Pepto Bismol With Eachother. Go Cincy, Kick But.

  2. Garcia rhymes with D _ _ _ _ _ a and that is how he plays!!!!! Give the kid a chance.

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    smallie, I moved your thread over here to the sports area for ya.
  4. JV1


    browns 24 cincy 14
  5. flathunter

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    I need the Browns to lose every game the rest of this year, so Butch Davis will be fired..That being said Browns 20, Bengals, 17
  6. JV1


    As much as I hate to do this.... as a lifelong browns fan... its has not been very often I get to talk smack...(remember when the browns beat the steelers 52-0 lol) well after the would be saftey which turned into a 99 yard TD, something that has only happened 10 times in the history of the NFL ( im talking smack now) I think it's safe to say that the bengals are toast... the browns DFENCE seems to be on fire ..... I want to change my prediction from 24-14 to 34-14 LOL go browns woof woof
  7. flathunter

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    I do believe the Browns destroyed the Bungles
  8. smack from them bungled fans NOW
  9. The benGALS should change there official name to just GALS
    since thats how they play
  10. JV1


    As posted in the 2nd quarter
    No sooner than I posted my "smack post " Did the bengals pick up a fumble and take it in for a TD.... then they got 17 points... i thought it was my smack talk coming back to haunt me.... im happy to see it worked out for the brownies.... next week i think i will wait until after the game to talk smack WOOF WOOF
  11. Nothing else needs to be said :( ....Great job Browns even though you tried to give it to us.

    I think Palmer is being held back, they are not letting him do what he can do, trying to make him KITNA2 :eek:

    And I had such high hopes for this season... :mad:

    At least I didn't get on here and bad mouth the brownies... :)
  12. hardwaterfan

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    Well the Cowboys are beating the Steelers 20-10 right now, so as a Browns fan, Im feelin pretty good! :)

    And ALSO as a Browns fan, im gonna enjoy this WHILE IT LASTS..... :rolleyes:

    The o-line (and the whole team) looked revitalized today.

    How about that catch by Northcutt???? wow!

    Its been quite a ride this season so far. Full of highs and lows, thats fer sure.

  13. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    well that was quick!

    what a finish to that game though.

    Steelers 5-1

  14. Lundy

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    I was at the Browns game yesterday.

    The bengals are a really, really, bad team. They made the Browns look great, which we all know they are not.

    I was still very happy with the outcome.

    There was a lot of pushing and yelling and very near real fights in the stands yesterday. Before the game the bengals fans were really giving the browns fans some crap. By mid way through the 3rd quarter and another 10-12 beers it got pretty ugly for some of these guys.

    A very fun game to watch, if you were a browns fan.