The bass are coming!!!!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bass_assasin, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Hey fellow OGF'ers,
    Went to my "spot" this afternoon with high hopes... Winds out of north at 15mph, gust up to 20, cold with pressure 29.3 and steady( we all know that can be magic). At first, I was casting a white 1/2 oz. spinner bait and began wondering, " what the heck am I doing out here".... with the runny nose and cold fingers, just trying to keep my baitcaster from backlashing in the high winds. No luck, so I switched to old faithful. 1/2 ounce Rat-L-Trap in crawdad color. Next thing I know, Wham!!!! First bass of the year :) :) Of course I had to give her a kiss for continued luck the rest of the year. I guess I am a good kisser, because she went and told eight of her girlfriends :p Talk about pure joy... That first good day of the year makes up for the long winter... I look foward to hearing about all of your experiences this season and thanks be to the powers above and to my father for giving me the ability and the patience to fish. It is the best gift I have ever been bestowed. And I look foward to the day I may past it to my children, for fishing is a way of life and it keeps me alive.....

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    Bass assasin- were you fishing a pond or lake? I fished a pond the other day and got 5 around 15". Reel Lady and I hope to head out in the boat today and tomorrow.
  3. Hey reelman, I was fishing an decent size pond, with rocks on the side I was on, wind blowing directly toward the rocks.... Good luck on your trip. It is suppose to be beautiful today.....once the fog burns off!!!
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    Boat coming out of storage Wed., Oh man can't wait!