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  1. My gf and I went on the new watertrail threw east sandusky bay or the "back bay" last summer and plan on returning a few times the summer so I ask if anyone here has done much fishing there and if so for what and how, I would be closer to the shoreline and If fishing probably large canoe and trolling motor.
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    ive fished all along the bay, you could get some cat fish, perch, carp, sheep head, bullhead, white bass........pretty much anything in the lake could be there. i normally fish from shore, just fishing a tightline or bobber. i use worms or minnows. ive gotten some big white bass with white jig and mister twister. also get some huge sheephead. i know there garbage fish, but they fight like hell.

  3. Thank you, thats kinda what I was looking for. I just wanted to know if they are around. I camp at east harbor as much as possible and I fish from the canoe the little middle harbor marsh area and wanted to give the back bay a try. I love casting twister tails from the canoe, so we will definitely give that a try. Everytime I'm there there are only jet skies so I figured I was not an ideal fishing water. I also figure some of you ice fishermen have tried it out due to its depth I figure it would freeze quicker.
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    What fish do you get in the middle harbor? Looks like a great bass and bluegill/crappie area but have never fished it. Usually if I'm going to East Harbor it is for the beach or to hike, I always forget about it when I'm looking for somewhere to fish. I've heard that ODNR is thinking of opening up middle harbor somehow with culverts or something to get more fish in there.
  5. Middle Harbor I have only caught catfish and white perch. Some mammoth fish jump around in there. I've hooked a few monster carp but never got them in.