The bachelors are running together

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  1. The bachelors are running together, I finally seen the big buck this week and he was running with a few bucks 15 feet to my back left and couldn't get a shot this was Tuesday. 4 g's at 12 inch or better. Oh well that's life. I also seen 5 bucks in a field on a busy road this was Saturday. tonight I was driving home and went around a corner and what did i see 4 bucks standing in a field no does. Well find one buck and you should be patient and the bigger one will come. Anyone else seeing the same results?
  2. Not me, but send them my way!

  3. I will be making another post thanking a good friend of mine Beatsworkin on here but yesterday I shot a real nice 8pt that was with another nice buck when they came in
  4. 1st day gun, 3 bucks were together, 6, 10 and the legend. The 6 was killed, as he was the point, the other 2 hit nos and got away.
  5. wildman,

    So I went to help out a relative yesterday after hunting in the morning. My Uncle and I are standing there talking about hunting, looking out the bay window into his backyard which is a tall grass field with a heavily wooded tree-line, however and not a minute later I see a flash out of the corner of my eye, I yell "Deer!," then my Uncle yells "Buck! Two! Three! Four!! Five!!!" Here are five mature bucks in a single file line making a mad dash across his field towards the tree-line. What an adrenaline rush it was! My first instinct figured it was just a buck chasing a few does, but I was totally wrong. Now I have seen groups of deer, but never ever seen 5 bucks together like that. What a beautiful sight it was.

    Good luck to all! MP
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    The guy hunting with me today saw 15 different bucks. 1 group of 4, 1 of 5, and a group of 6. The first group of 4 was with two does and had one shooter buck in the group, he missed!. The group of 5 had a different shooter buck in the group and he couldn't get a shot.

    He had a great day just no dead deer for the effort.

    I saw over 30 deer today with zero in shooting range and many of them flat out running. The neighbors ran a bunch of drives today
  7. Seeing all of the bucks bunched up? That may help explain why I didn't see them. I saw plenty of deer yesterday (25 in all) but nothing with antlers. I didn't see any that suggested early sheds either. I believe they were all does and yearlings. I know they are out there. They just did not chow up for me. I saw several sets of BIG tracks to indicate that there are bucks still running on my place. I don't know whether I will try any more this year or not (bow). If not hopefully a couple of brutes survived on my place.
  8. I seen 22 deer today 1 group of 10 all does 2nd group 4 does a solo half rack all in the half hour that I hunted. A man has to make a living

    In the evening i saw 4 does then I seen 3 bucks but the shooter wouldn't come out of the bush. but yea if you find the right group theres a good chance of seeing a nice one. I passed on them all hoping for the big one. I'll still bow hunt!
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    Seen 6 bucks running together today. All small 6's and 8's with one thin horned 10pt. Hunted across the road and seen another 7 bucks. Most of these deer were hearded with does. Yes, they were chasing them too! One Hawg but as my luck would always have it he was out of range for the ML. Did shoot a small 8 that was already hit. Figuered it was the last day and why let the deer suffer. I'm happy to see so many small bucks this late in the year. It was probably my best ML hunt to date. Hard to believe but true!