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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by WISH IT WAS YOU, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. well i am heading up to the big old ash tomrow and will be with 1-2 other people so hollar if you see me i be fishing my nomal spot so i will post report tomrow
  2. Hmmm i hope you have fun fishing a creek that is not stocked by the ODNR, and has alot of issues with public access drawing more attention to it is a great idea. O please when you return for your expedition please post gps coordinates of exactly where you stood in the creek. Post lots of pictures of the holes so they will be destroyed by the next time you return, and that will increase the trash ppl leave behind. Sorry for the rant, and PLEASE dont take it personally. Look on the thread count to see how many ppl looked at this thread but did not respond to it. We call these people lurkers!

  3. After how many posts of why not to post these rivers people still do not understand. Wait until everything is posted or until Ohio looks like PA or NY.

    The river is 95% private.
  4. Come on give the kid a break, he was telling others to say hi if they see him. Maybe he dosn't understand send him a pm asking not to mention non stocked rivers...
  5. vkutsch

    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    I think 99% of people in this forum know there's fish in this river (he didn't even use the full name, so if they didn't know about it, they might not know what he was talking about). I've never been there, but you getting so pissy about it piqued my interest about the river a lot more than his post did.
  6. Man people never learn.
  7. You guys are a bunch of little whiny girls.
  8. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    So I suppose you wouldn't mind posting your favorite spots for us all to see? And when I'm standing in your favorite hole, you won't mind a bit? I'm gonna tell you something...the internet has done nothing but overpopulate every public access spot there ever was. Someone could be on fish and never speak of it and the wrong person finds out, blabs it online, and the next thing you know, you're shoulder to shoulder with someone on your spot. I don't blame anyone for getting pissed if someone leaks info on something that isn't very well known. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and not have someone ruin my hunt on public land this evening, like they have everytime I've been out this year.:(
  9. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    I agree 100%.

    Boo hoo.........I don't want other people to ruin my public fishing spot. Public rivers are gonna get fished by others. It happes to your favorite non-stocked trib, it happens to my favorite smally water, and it happens to the ole Maumee during the walleye run. Get over it.

  10. Dock Time

    Dock Time Senior Member

    PM is a good idea. I have had people ask me about specific spots and I don't mind sharing. Besides. there's plenty of water to fish and if your "secret spot" gets public, tighten up your waders and look for another one...that's half the challenge.

    And Merry isn't life or death.

    Dock Time

  11. Do u ever stop! Just PM him if u have a problem, or do u like to draw attention towards this subject, Because it seems everytime this happens your the one that sarted it,. U have made a big deal about something that would have just blown over.
  12. No, I will never stop.

    Have a great holiday, and a safe New Year.
  13. Look at their site and download the map.
  14. He never said what spot, he said his spot which can be anything. I cant believe grown men cry and bitch and complain online about someone else over and over. Its public, its not yours. Cry yourself a river and fish it all by yourself.
  15. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    VERY well said Hollandbass, your my new OGF hero. Someone mentions "my spot" on a large public waterway and people act like a marked-up river map was posted. I fish where I can when I can and it makes me sick when I hit a new spot, that I may have located totally on my own, and I run in to a MORON that thinks he OWNS a 1/4 mile stretch of river. I always am considerate when entering an area to stay WAY off anyone already there. More than once I've been first to a spot only to have a guy, once a guy and his wife, wade right into my back pocket then "kindly" fill me in on how "this is my honey hole, I fish here every day." Well thats fine, but today you better watch the hell out for my back casts cause I'm here too and I ain't leavin!
  16. Hey everyone there are Muskie in Clearfork Lake, don't tell anyone !!! LOL
    I know things most people don't know. Makes me special. Talk about an elusive fish, know something else, they are easier to catch in the creek below the dam then in the lake itself! Why are trout fishermen so annoyed about people knowing of spots? There are millions of those things in the rivers. Seriously, I really am curious!
  17. What’s next, somebody posts a picture of a fish and someone else will start crying and claiming it’s their private tagged fish in their spot that was caught there the day before?
  18. Because more folks that fish these areas that are private / not posted or going thru private property to access possibly public property are trespassing. The more this happens, the more property we have posted, losing access completely. Those of us who have fished these rivers for many years (including Tom / steelheader007) have witnessed the reduction in fishable property in the lake erie tribs. Many spots on the grand river that were productive and rather easily accessible are now posted no trespassing. Much of the chagrin river is no longer available for fishing above the parks in the lower portion of the river. The majority of the west branch of the rocky river is now posted.

    It wasn't this way ten years ago. Much of the property was private, but owners didn't give the fisherman much trouble when staying in the streambed and not littering. Due a larger number of folks fishing these areas, the banks are seeing more damage from the traffic. The more folks fishing these areas, more folks that litter and worse are present. The percentage is the same, but the quantity is higher.

    Sites such as this one are viewed by many more than those of us who contribute. Post good results about a stream that's mostly private and the number of folks who go out there is increased. The more this happens, the more property gets posted.

    Is ripping on those experienced fisherman who have some concern over the access issues and don't mind having a nice afternoon or morning on the river without being crowded out healthy for a site like this? I don't think so. These folks get ripped and figure that it isn't worth sharing their knowledge on this site. I wonder where some of those knowledgeable posters from the past went?

    ... which is a public body of water with public boat access and 100% of the lake available publicly. We do not have the same luxury in a river, where standing in the riverbed bordered by public property is trespassing. If our rivers were wide enough to float without touching bottom (i.e. trespassing), the access issue wouldn't be a problem.

    Time for me to cry a river this evening. I need somewhere to catch steelies tomorrow.
  19. quit bashing the guys who dont want the spots posted, a pm may be a better idea but he has every right to state that he doesnt want areas posted. 99% of the guys on this site may know about that river but most didnt until they read it at some time here. dont even claim that you haven't gained some of your favorite spots from this site, and i bet we all have witnessed a pack of anglers showing up after a post. the site is here so we can discuss and learn, but we all need to learn that somtimes fishing is about being alone and learning skills for ourselfs, it cant happen when every spot that some good angler had the grace to show someone else is publicly announced. this site has the power to teach thousands of anglers new skills, but is also has the power overcrowd almost anywhere, just be aware of it.

    (edit in)
    and to add, its not just trout guys, there alot of people who appreciate more than just the catch, its about the river and being in the outdoors, and guys at both your shoulders take a good bit away from that. you dont see them because they avoid you and the others on the crowded rivers (ironic i know). if we were just after those millions of trout in the rivers. we would all just fish paylakes, a 5 acre lake for the bass guys and another for the trout guys, stocked with millions of fish, it would be easier than fishing rivers anyway. heck once we fish out all these newly posted spots out:p thats all that will be left, i cant wait!!
  20. Thanks for the info guys - getting a little better understanding. Just seems like everytime I get on this forum I see someone giving someone else, alot of flack for talking about a spot. Left a bad taste in my mouth and gave me pause.

    riverKing - your thought process tells you that publicly bashing someone is an effective method to elicit positive change? That's an interesting theory, how's that working for you and all your social graces. You don't avoid me, I just prefer to hang out with the people who are a little more accepting and less judgemental. I know you are just striving to get to that "peaceful" spot (ironic, I know).
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