The Alum Spillway mystery

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  1. Long time reader first time poster. I have ben trying to catch fish in the Alum spillway for 2 years with very limited success and I am frustrated. I am doing a little better so far this year but I need some help. I have caught some smallmouth and white bass bouncing tubes off the bottom at some of the deeper points. I got my first muskie on a muskie lure 2 weeks ago on the south end before the road but I still get skunked half the time and never get any keepers. I want to catch SAUGEYE! I occasionally hear people claiming to catch them and I have seen a couple but 90% of the time I am there all I ever see is smallmouth and Muskie getting caught. What's the trick and what are the right spots? I have tried tubes, minnows, bottom fishing, spinners, husky jerks. I am out of ideas. Are there really Saugeye in that spillway? If so someone please tell me the lures, presentation types and spots to find them.
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    wait until they are running the water. sidewalk should be covered or nearly covered.

    rooster tails (fished slow)

    jigs (white or chart.) tipped with minnow or meat

    or lindy type rig with weight, beads, maybe spinner, and minnow or worm

    you're fishing the right end of it but but that spillway is fished a lot. there are lots of other spots to fish from the bank around the lake. those saugeye are going to be hard to get from shore, above or below the dam. plenty of other species to keep you busy though til you get lucky.

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    Hey! I have fished spillways before, only pleasant hill. I would have to say your wasting your time for this time of year spring or fall is the best. Mid-late april to mid may and september-october. I have never caught a descent fish anytime in june july or august just dinks. I caught all mine on x-rap style cranks or chart. twister. Im sure you can catch them now, but definately not very consistent. Again though, that has been my experience.
  4. i haven't fished alum yet, but i hope to soon. in my exp. (pleasant hill and mohawk dam), timing is everything. if you're there when they're biting,you'll catch 'em. (usually the middle of the night). don,t wait for nice weather. my best was a 6 pounder from p. hill spillway at 3 am, and there was still ice on the lake. mohawk is 10 times wider, so it's harder to cover, and alum is probably even wider? (i dunno). i just use jigs and twisters. 1 foot off the bottom, no more, but don't be afraid to fish shallow. i've caught 'em in 3 fow, but within 1ft from the bottom. i'm no expert, but i hope this helps
  5. I have been to alum a couple of times recently with no luck. Tried a worm rig that has worked in the past and twister tails. If you have any luck man pm me cause I would sure like to know. Good luck.
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    In nearly every spot of what is considered Alum spillway you can cast a 1/8 oz lead head from one bank to the other if you've got the right equipment. Also, it might be deeper than 3 feet deep in a spot or tow, but I haven't found them and I have fished it a lot. I'm just never there at the right time.

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    I haven't had much luck below Alum spillway myself but have seen others do very well. I fish below other spillways and have done much better (personnaly). Like Foundationfisher said lead head and tails close to the bottom. As slow as you can without getting hung up too often. Switch weights to fit water conditions. Remember, kinda like the song goes for saugeyes "night time is the right time"!

    Good Luck

  8. I fish alum alot, but tpat has hit it right on the nose. I throw alot of jigs white or chart, but the water has to be running to bring them up to feed. I don't know about the roostertails never tried them. But I also use a floating jig also with the weight min 12" spread to keep it up. I catch most of my fish below alum, delaware, hoover on Rat'l traps or lipless cranks as you will (Shad color). Also have had good luck on jointed rapalas shad color, chart/white and orange/white very seldom on the black and brown but I hardly ever use it.
  9. matter of fact, if anyone has any of this info about any fish species for any central ohio lake, spillway, reservoir, creek, or pond.....just pm me the info and i will be your new best friend!!!!! ;) jk lol
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    My suggestion is to fish somewhere else. I have had very limited sucess there for saugeye, and have rarely seen anyone else get much. Fish the lake, find a point on main lake and drag a jig and worm on bottom, if possible wade out a little. They can be caught from shore, especially right before dark. good luck
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    i fish minnows on the bottom there after the water has been flowing and has just gone down i have caught limits and a pb 5# saugeye that way this year the spill gets less and less active though as the water warms but if you are there i would try the muskie there are tons and tons of those in the spill and they are fun
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    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    i stand corrected. Maybe i hit it at the wrong time everytime. I can attest to the muskie though......