the adventures of misfit and shortdrift

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    shortdrift drove down to newark to do some crappie fishing at buckeye on wednesday,and we had a great day,LOL.since he couldn't get the outboard running,he left it at home and we went with electric only.with the forecast for winfds of around 10 or so mph max,i decided the electric would do the job,since we were launching at north shore and only motoring to the marsh for crappies.boy did the weatherman throw a monkey wrench in that plan:eek:
    after working around the marsh for a couple hours or so with hardly any action,the wind gradually built,so we began trolling/drifting behind the marsh.
    finally the wind was getting so bad (almost 40 mph)we were making negative progress toward the ramp and the batteries were running down.ended up tying off to a private dock and a very nice lady took shortdrift to the ramp where he found a couple equally nice fisghermen to bring him back and tow the boat in while the nice lady took me to the ramp and kept me company till they got add insult to injury,the saugeyes turned on just when things got rough,and i lost two good ones trying to get them in the boat.they hit slow trolled crappie jig on my 10 foot crappie rod,LOL.

    lessons learned by shortdrift..................
    don't trust the weatherman
    don't trust the trolling motor
    don't trust misfit's judgement:D
    always bring a landing net

    lessons learned by misfit..............
    there are still nice people out there,who will go out of their way when you're in need.
    saugeyes will always turn on when least expected.
    always make sure shortdift brings the landing net.

    yet another great day on the water with a good ogf friend.
    remember,when fishing with misfit,it's not just a day on the's an adventure:D
  2. SwollenGoat

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    That statement needs to be etched into a 1" brass plate and mounted to a 1 ton granite boulder and displayed prominately at every ramp at Hoover. :p :D ;)

  3. Mushijobah

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    Bravo guys, bravo! At least you know the fish are on for next time! Your signature sums up this experience!
  4. You always have all the fun... That's a great story.
  5. I think he could write a book about his fishing trips.... Keep up the good stories Misfit....

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    Even a bad day of fishing, beats stayin home. Ya might want to think about putting a sail on that boat. ;)
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    I agree! I would certainly read it.

  8. Sounds like you should have taken the sail boat instead.