the Adams Dry Fly and Lorain, Ohio....

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    was reading about the adams dry fly. one of the best dry fly patterns there is. I was shocked and excited to learn that One summer day in 1922, Charles F. Adams — a Lorain, Ohio, attorney — was fishing the pond when he saw an insect that interested him, so when he returned to his hotel, he described it to local fly tier Leonard Halladay.

    The enduring historic account of what happened next was left to us by Halladay in a letter written some years later to the fly-pattern historian Harold Smedley:

    The first Adams I made was handed to Mr. Adams, who was fishing a small pond in front of my house, to try on the Boardman that evening. When he came back next morning, he wanted to know what I called it. He said it was a "knock-out" and I said we would call it the Adams, since he had made the first good catch on it..

    That is crazy! I am from Lorain and someone from Lorain thought up one of the best dry flys there is!!!
  2. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it.

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    no problem. it just shocked me cause it seems most fly fishing started out west and I wasn't expecting the small poor ghetto town I live in called lorain would have something to do with fly fishing like that.
  4. That IS sort of amazing. Especially because, not too many years ago, fly fishing was virtually unheard of here in Ohio.
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    ya this adams guy wasn't fishing in lorain he was from lorain. I believe he was up in michigan or something when he found the bug.
  6. On the Boardman River near Traverse City, Michigan. Len Halladay was a local guide.