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  1. I wanted to take a sec. to thank those of you who post here, I have been reading up on equiptment and I made some purchases based on what I read here and what the folks at various stores told me.

    I bought a 9' 2pc 5wt rod a new reel and new line and backing.

    I had been fishing with the same rig that I have had for 20 years and with the upgrade I can really see a difference in casting distance and accuracy.

    I went out yesterday to try it out on a local pond...although nothing was biting, I got to cast and get a little familiar with my new rig.....I cant wait for nicer weather and water conditions.

    thanks again.
  2. Im glad this forum was helpfull to you, congrats on your new purchase and GOOD LUCK this season.

  3. Chef,
    Good for you! You'll have a ball with that 5wt this year.
    I'm a guy who loves to cook...especially spicy stuff, red meat, & barbeque. Maybe you could share some cookin' secrets...hunh??
  4. What brand of tackle did you buy? I am no doubt showing my age with this comment, but I lived in Powell back when the Methodist church and Plummer's Trading Post were the only games in town....things sure have changed!
  5. I bought the rod from Gander Mountain ($59.99)its their guide series brand which is essentially St. Croix nock offs and I bought a low end Ross Reel ($45.00) from Mad river outfitters. It may not be the top of the line stuff but its a heck of an upgrade from my 8wt 8'6" 2pc ugly stick flyrod :p And Gander is really good about exchanging rods if you break a tip or questions asked. The guys from MRO that I talked to let me know that the reel I bought was just fine for the things I will use it for ( small mouth, trout, pan fish, etc.)

    Ohiotuber, if you have specific questions or recipe needs PM me :) I am always willing to "talk shop" :)
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    that will work great for a 5wt combo. you don't need a $600 dollar rod and reel to catch fish unless its marlin!!! haha.
  7. Chef,
    I will compile a couple or few questions & PM you...Thanks!!

    You did VERY well on the outfit & got a lot of "bang for the buck". Those Guide Series rods look to be pretty nice, &, as you stated, they stand behind them. As for the Ross reel, they don't put their name on junk. A friend built 2 weights for me & him...we caught the Ross Flycast reels on sale at Gander Mountain for 30 bucks apiece....where I was stupid is that the Twinsburg store had 2 & I only bought 1 of 'em.....STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!! I could have gifted it to somebody or sold it on WEbay for 50% more than I paid. Guess you're never too old to learn, hunh?
    Enjoy that outfit! BTW, what line did you end up getting for it?
  8. Glad the board has been helpful. I know it has been very helpful to me, any questions someone will answer the best they can for sure. Nice combo your gonna have a blast!
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    I had a 8wt Gander mtn Guide Series rod but it was to fast for me when I was starting in flyfishing. Now I wished I kept it. They are very nice built rods! As for Ross reels I love them also! Took me awhile to get over the facts that it had plastic parts but man they don't fail like some of the others do. It's also made in the USA to so that helps alot. My second favorites reels are the Teton/Tiogas. Both of these reels can be had for good bargains.
    So back to the subject, go fishing with it, and chase anything that swims!:D
  10. I bought the $55 level line from MRO its floating line weight forward, etc. They put the backing on for me and the line.

    I dont know about you all, but I am ready to fish!!!