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    first let me say this is only directed at a very few members.i'm sure the vast majority are courteous,respectful representatives of the club and sport.i rarely post a "rant",but after my experience at hoover on saturday,i just wonder how many other "fishermen" put up with what i least 3 boats decided to troll the area where another boat(pontoon) and myself and toad(in my flatbottom) were anchored,trying to do a little relaxing catfishing.we had to remind these inconsiderates that they were trolling right over our lines,which by the way,weren't a long cast from our least one or more of them made 2 passes by us as if we didn't exist,with our words falling on deaf ears.
    well,let me clue you guys in.hoover is not your personal playground for that once a year trip most of you make.and the many regular fishermen here don't appreciate your acting as though we should all stay home so you don't have to show us common courtesy.believe it or not,just because some of us don't fish tourneys in $20,000+ boats,we have a right to not be molested by a few of you who seem to think you and your mission on the water are above showing courtesy and respect for others,all for the sake money:mad:
    i do my share of trolling and it's not that difficult to steer around someone who is anchored on a spot long before i show up.again,it's called COURTESY and time i'll give the same as i receive.
    and don't think this is an isolated incident,because i've seen it before and also heard it from others.

    discalaimer...........this was not meant as a negative opinion of the club itself,but merely the few disrespectful members who need some lessons in on the water etiquette.
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    I know that can be frustrating. I have become annoyed in the past with people who fish like that. I am trying to take a new approach. When this happens in the future(it is bound to) I hope to welcome those who seek big fish where I am fishing and offer to them that I know of others spots that I can go to. Ask them if they want me to leave and let them catch all of the fish in this spot and see how they react. I keep telling myself a positive reaction is the best way to go, but I have yet to put it in practice.

    Anyway, that is a bummer that you couldn't even relax on the water.


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    i heard some crazy man was tossing bottom bouncers at you guys?!?!?
  4. Alot of us that fish at IL every weekend deal with the bass fisherman every weekend they arn't to bad for the most part. But when the walleye guy's come they have no problem with running there boards over the top of you. Down here we have a channel called the north channel or mile channel just wide enough for 2 boats they run there boats and boards right down the middle and expect you to move. Out on the main lake it isn't much better.My son and I were bass fishing off Pew island about 1 cast off the bank when one of these walleye pros went between us and the bank what a dumb jerk.I hope they never come back here.
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    If you need someone to "hook" them, I'm the man for the job, after all, how hard could it be to hook someone else, heck I can hook myself very easy!
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    "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap...3624368" AC/DC puts it! That should end the stupidity of some disrespects! ;)

    Not that I advocate retaliation but, the next time it happens put on a heavy sinker and a few trebles and cast over their lines...the tangle will slow them down and maybe they'll get the point. But avoid physical conflicts at all costs...there are some real crazy's out there and it is not so serious to risk your health and someone to do the deed for you!!! :D :D

    Before firing back...this is "tongue in cheek" folks!
  7. Those guys in the bass boats that dropped the "big motor" in to get from place to place at Hoover yesterday.:mad:
  8. I would hope that you got thier OH #'s and reported them not only to the law but also thier tourney director at the ramp. Immediate disqualification from the tournament, usually.
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    I guess the trolling idiot's disease has traveled south of Erie.
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    erie addict,i always forget "writing utensils" in the boat.and this was saturday pre-fishing,so there was really no way to report to the director.after a spell,i just blew it off and wouldn't even know the guys or boats again since they aren't hoover regulars.i usually give a guy a break for one mistake,but the ones who came back did ruffle me a bit.and aside from them,we had a couple young rookies in a small boat come even closer,which made me forget the "pros":D
    on their second pass i made myself a little more clear and they got the message and stayed clear.i thought they were gonna run over me with that little can,LOL.
    thankfully,i don't have to be bothered with them for another year,at which time i will have pencil and paper.
    this is just one of the reasons many of us fought the attempt to remove the hp restrictions on hoover.being the only limited lake in the area,we'd be overwhelmed by these problems if that happened.i found myself wishing it was an open tourney so i could enter and take some money from guys like that;)

    tim,i do have the ranger's number on speed dial and will use it if i find guys running those big motors unless it's an emergency.
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    i'm sure they thought they wre at a reasonable distance,but our rods/lines were clearly visible out the sides of the boats,and they were close eneough to go over them while boards were being used.they must not have been bumping bottom or they would have hung us.the other boat was anchored about 100 yadrs from us and we both warned them of our lines before they got there,but they made no attempt to swing wide.
    i'm used to the occasional idiot or rookie there,but these guys know better,and just don't give a damn.i don't even mind a guy passing me within 20 feet if we're both trolling a straight line,but don't cross my lines when i'm anchored before you even show's not like i moved in and parked in his path.
  12. i would like to say sorry on behalf of the club for a couple of idiots. the majority of the members are great guys and are respectful of others. i hate to hear things like this because it makes the club look bad. i never seen any boats with the big motor running.
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    saugeye nut,thank you for speaking up,but you shouldn't have to apologize for the few who choose to act that way.of course,like most that cross the line,they most likey see nothing wrong for which to apologize.i don't know if any of them visit this site,but if they read this thread,they should have no doubt who i'm talking about.kinda hard to forget people in two boats yelling at you in the same spot.especially when both are gray bearded old fat guys;)
    and as i said,i'm sure they're not representative of the total club membership.i know a few prsent and/or past members of that club and they are top notch.

    as for the big motors i could be wrong,but i think tim may have been referring to "bass" boats and not the tourney guys.there are a couple people who do that there,and at least one has been caught recently by the rangers.
  14. Same here, I was not at Hoover Sunday because we fished the LEWT. I can assure you, I for one if had been there would should all the courtesy in the world and keep my distance. I do apologize for the inconsiderate sportmanship a few threw at you. Thank you for not blaming all of us as that shows real class on your part.

    Gary Thornbury
  15. Now hold on there Zippy. One of those Gentlemen was more commonly refrred to as a Hard Bodied Chick Magnet. Though the other was rather old and worn. Hey, good thing you warned them the 2nd time 'cause I only had the one warning in me. I was fixing to put on a 4-oz. and very large treble and was also practicing saying, "Oops, sorry. Bet that sucker smarts a little, but a good surgeon ought to be able to fix you butt right up in a few weeks!"