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Thanks Guys!

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by Big Daddy, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Well, I caught one carp and had one run that I missed. It was a 26 1/4" common. I have pix but my camera batteries died, so they're recharging right now.

    Problem was, no one from teh SSA showed up at the outing! :eek:

    I measured it, took a pic, and let her go. Seemed pretty thin, looked like spawned out.

    Was funny, saw a couple jump close to where I was chumming, but no takers. Then, I watched one swim right up along shore, where I had been feeding some doughball to the dink gills that were there. He left, came back about 45 minutes later. Swam off again. I brought one of my lines in and left it 5 ft off the shore where the fish had been swimming around. About 10 minutes after that, I watched through the clear Nimisila waters as my corn-covered hook disappeared. I let him take off, and WHAM. The Kahle hook, size 6 was in and the fight was on. Made three really strong runs, one into a bush, but I got her loose.

    First carp I've caught since I fished with bttmline at Piedmont a few years back. 25 years ago, I was a carpin' machine. Guess I still got it. ;)

    Rigged up the ol' Carolina with a 1/8oz egg sinker.

    Thanks again guys. I'll post a pic when the batteries are done cookin.

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