Thanks for the invite!

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by dampeoples, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I'm setting up a new computer as we speak, so I will have to show my credentials at a later date, I don't know where anything is! Hopefully Tigger and Fatfingers can vouch for me :)
  2. Hey Peoples, welcome aboard. I'm fatfingers on the other board and I'm glad to see you jumpin' in here.

  3. Tigger already warned me :)

  4. welcome aboard. Glad to have you as part of the best fishing site around!!
  5. Great Peoples!!!!!!!!!! Welcome aboard!
  6. Got some stuff situated, so I can post some samples now :)

    Here are some swimbaits I did recently, do not think they are cleared in the pics:


    Some cranks too!
    Some soft plastics:

    Even jigs and such:

    Even a 'swimbait' :D
  7. awsome baits dampeoples welcome
  8. Dang Peoples! I didnt realize you did all kinds of lures and jigs. How did you get my mailbox!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Nice stuff!
  9. very nice, can't wait to hear more info, and see some more cranks.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, you know the addiction....starts with you thinking you can save a little by making your own, then BAM!!! You've got a shop full of crap :)

    More pics are in my Gallery. (Says I need 5 posts to post a URL, soon!) I just ordered some photo stuff, hopefully the pictures will start to look better soon! I used to take a lot of pics with my old SLR, but the digital spoiled me, but also made me into a point and click monster, and the pics suck because of it!
  11. Glad you showed the crappies Sterling
  12. Welcome to the site,

    I didn't realize you did such variety, never saw them on the other site...great work.

  13. Thanks! I just put the Crappies on the spinner Roger, should be shinier cleared :)

    Yeah, I don't buy much....I'm trying to figure out how to forge hooks and make line too, hehe
  14. Went to the Butler Musky show today with Vc111. We really enjoyed talking about all the great people showing up here. I love it! You guys are the best!

  15. fugarwi7

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    Welcome aboard dampeoples...looks like another pro has come on board...the baits just keep coming and the skill level continues to rise...can't wait to see more of your work!
  16. I'm no pro! I just love it, it makes all the difference in the world!

    As far as more pictures, Here they are