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Your 5/5 post saved our Friday. Got a late start on Thursday ( 5/10) with the fog, but once we got to just short of D Can ( south east)it didn't take long to take a 3 man limit. Hammerd gold and FireTiger casting harness, fairly high at a 10 count early then close to bottom later.

Friday was a different thing. Started out at same Marks near D, No drift and hot. One Eye by 11:00....So Back to the dock for re- tooling and to read over Blue Dolphin's report from earlier in the week.

Trolled between Green and Rattlesnake..Tons of big marks. Big Dipsys 3.5 , 50ft back,with meat ( FireTiger with Double Colorado Blades biggest producer)

Tried to run Jets off inline Boards to outside but fish would hit and then tangle on the Dipseys so we just took off the boards and Ran Jet 30's 115ft straight back and that was the ticket. Again Firetiger was by far the most popular harness. Three man ticket.

MUCH NICER FISH than near the reefs and we were pretty much by ourselfs.

THANKS AGAIN Blue Dolpnine, for the report last week you really made our Friday !
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