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Thanks again for Presque Isle

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Prez, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Prez


    Thanks again for Presque Isle. Big Daddy Nick myself and Joey and Chris from ssa went up this saturday and once again we hit the jackpot. Theres about 10 inches of ice and hopefully it will hold until nex weekend. I heard you are taking Big Daddy to Dale Hollow to teach him how to fish. Good luck you'll need it. Make sure Big Daddy wears his hat the right way. I hear Dale Hollow has a dress code like Choo-Choo's Pub. Sorry about that. That one was just too good to pass up. Have a safe trip and good fishing.

    President of the Summit Sportsman Association
    (Soon to be Angler of the Year)
  2. Prez, what and where is the Summit Sportsman Association?

  3. HA HA. Very funny Prez! Hey man, Dale may teach me a thing or three about bass fishin, but I'm going to get him on the crappies!!

    Pete, The Summit Sportsmans Association is an outdoor club based in Summit County. Our next meeting is Monday, March 14 at the Polish/American Club on Dan St. near Glenwood Ave.

    The club's been around for 38 or 39 years. Multi-species fishing, hunting, and general outdoors stuff. Fun group of guys. Several here are members as well.

    If you want to check out a meeting to see what we're all about, feel free. No pressure or hard sells. Very informal. Meetings start at 7:30PM.

    Back to you Prez....

    Soon to be angler of the year? We'll see about that, buddy!!! LOL(hat is on backwards)