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  1. Since it's going to rain all weekend, I decided to get my fill of crappie fishing during the week after work. I hit Oxbow last night, again. I've been doing pretty well there, even when the water temp was around 42 to 45 degrees. I suppose I should have realized that past performance is no indication of future performance.

    I was :S . The dreaded skunk had me dead to rights and it was oozing its funk all over and wagging its nasty finger in my face. If anyone was at Oxbow last night, that wasn't a dead animal you smelled. That was the fishing skunk in all its glory. I couldn't find anything in my bag of tricks that the crappie liked or wanted. I had twisters, rooster tails, tiny tubes, crappie nibbles, begging, whimpering, prayer and my new favorite, lipless crankbaits in every color of the rainbow. Nada for 2 hours. Four weak bites, no fish.

    As darkness neared (7:30), I had a crappie hit my rattlin rapala so hard I was thinking BASS. It was a fat, fat, fat, huge crappie. As I raised my rod tip to scoop her up, up went the rapala into the air and off swam miss fat and happy crappie. Dang. At this point I accepted getting blanked. It happens. But since I take getting skunked fishing for crappie personally, I broke out the old trusty roadrunner, just for old times sake if nothing else. Third cast, after I paused my retrieve about 6 feet from me, I gave it a jerk, retrieve, jerk, And Bang. A fat 13" white bass. The skunk was skunked. I was so happy I just let it swim around and bend my rod for a few minutes, figuring this was it for the night. But 4 casts later, I got a consolation 12" crappie. Not as big as the first, but I wasn't complaining. And then I thanked the Creator, Blakemore, for making the roadrunner and keeping me off the skunked list, yet again, and called it a night.

    So what did I learn yesterday, besides not taking crappie success for granted? The staging columns of crappie are broken up and they are on the hunt for baitfish. They are shallow (less than a foot) to shallow-deepish (6-10 ft), in 15 to 25 feet of water off points. Which means, you have to find them, they are on the move. The water temp was 50-55 degrees on average. Males are not in shallow water yet. I suspect they'll be there real soon.

    I was so giddy I even took a picture before I committed them to the depths of my stomach. I hardly ever take pictures.

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    Excellent report and great story! You may have a calling as an author :) That white bass is really fat.

  3. Yeah, fishingred, its stomach was gorged. I think the white bass are fattening up before they make that trip up the nut. I've been seeing feeding gulls up that way off and on since about the 3rd week in March. They're not on my to-catch list just yet. But I'll take a stray any day.
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    man,i'm glad we weren't close to oxbow today,LOL.we found bunches of them in deep water in another area:D
  5. I had to go back yesterday to try and shake my shaky outing from Wednesday. They were a lot more agreeable. The day before I got hits of packs of fish cruising shallow. Yesterday, not so much. I didn't hook up with any monster mamas, but I caught quite a few more. But those two fish on a tough day for me was so much more gratifying for some strange reason. I even picked up 6 males in about 10-12 feet of water. Three were dinks though. Almost there.