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  1. I received an email today from Scott Hale ODNR.

    He wanted to pass along his thanks to everyone for reporting their muskie catches to the MAL.

    I also wish to thank everyone for reporting their catches. This is one way to help ensure the future of our muskie program.

    Also in his email he attached a pdf entitled "Do Catch-and-Release Guidelines from State and Provincial Fisheries Agencies in North America Conform to Scientifically Based Best Practices?"

    I know it may not interest everyone but I found it interesting. It will be posted on our SOMA Research page in the next few days.

    It basically compares the C&R guidelines (or lack thereof) for all 50 states and some Canadian provinces. It also discusses several ways to improve C&R success for many species of fish.
  2. It helps the DNR and is a good way to keep records also.

  3. Here are some numbers from the MAL:

    Alum - 228 fish reported 32" average length

    Caesar Creek - 130 fish reported 37" average length

    Leesville - 280 fish reported 35" average length

    Milton - 152 fish reported 34" average length

    Piedmont 168 fish reported 33" average length

    Salt Fork 155 fish reported 35" average length

    West Branch 174 fish reported 35" average length
  4. Where do I go to report catches?