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Texas/OSU ?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Old Graybeard, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. How confident is everyone out there? I"ll be on my knees praying every night this week that the Bucks will kick butt this Saturday. (Not really, but close.) Ya see, my sister lives in the Big D has turned into your typical loud mouthed Texan and of course she's been laying some smack on me. I told her "The pride of Texas" will be limping home Saturday night with their tails between their legs. I hope I'm right.
  2. I feel pretty good about the game myself. I think the Bucks defense is very solid and the offense has so many weapons that they will be able to put the points on the board.

    Bucks 31
    Longhorns 17

  3. I have been saying this for awhile now..... I think one, Zwick deserves to start based on his performance against Miami OH. I don't think he was healthy last year at all, and hid it from the coaches. Combine that with the change of play calling and the emergence of Ginn JR, and suddenly you see why Smith looked so good.

    Two, if I were the #2 team in the nation and had to play #6 on the road early, I wouldn't want to sit around all day to think about it. Add in 104,000 plus crazed fans, and it makes it even worse. I think OSU wins, close score but not a close game, 27-14.

    Texas has Vince Young, but what else? They lost their best linebacker, cover guy, running back and tackle last year. I think OSU's defense is faster than UM's defense that Young ran all over last year in the bowl. He still cannot beat you with his arm.

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    Like I said in another post.



    The new kicker proves he can handle the pressure.
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    I'm going to say 34-24, I just ain't picking a winner. I will make this prediction though, if there is any one who has any tickets left for the game, I predict that I would take the ticket and not sell it.

    Assuming Zwick starts, do you folks think he will finish????????
  6. If Zwick starts like he should, he will be around to finish. Now, will he take every snap...........ahhhh, not likely. But I think he proved he can play with the 1st team. His teammates took his lead and followed. I mean, we're talking about a kid who was booed at home several times, injured, replaced, and then came out in the bowl game and showed he could play even on a gimp leg. If that doesn't tell you the kid can play, well I'd have to say you don't know much about football(not singling anyone out, just generally speaking). It said a lot about him as a person, a football player, and a leader to do what he did.

  7. Bucks will beat the spread again this week. This game will be an instant classic-should be a good old fashioned smashmouth football game-with some OSU finesse/speed mixed in ;-). Look to see the Longhorns second string QB sometime later in the game. Young won't make it all the way through this one! Buckeye LB's (best in the Nation) will dominate again this week. The Bucks Offense will be good-not great against a good Texas D. There ain't gonna' be no "hook'em horns" happinin' in our house on Saturday!


  8. Awful big game for so early in the season for both teams. Texas being the higher rated team might just be a little tighter during first quarter. Lets hope the Buckeyes can take advantage and let the D hold the lead. In other words a typical tressel game.
  9. Texas has won 21 of their last 22 road games. They thrive on the away game hostilities. I doubt if they'll be "tight". The Buckeyes are going to have a fight on their hands. I just hope that Tressel and the boys can pull this one off. This is one HUGE game.
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