Test Results, Shad vs Chicken Breast

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  1. almost forgot to post the results from our experiment putting fresh shad up against raw boneless chicken breast for channel cats. after hearing rumors of how well chicken breat does i just had to try it. the results....CHICKEN BREAST BLEW AWAY THE SHAD! 2 channels on the shad, 9 on the chicken breast. baits were staggered shad, breast, shad, breast etc in the same general area. not only did we get more on chicken, but they were much bigger fish. the shad takers were both about a pound where the chicken lovers were between 4-6lb.
  2. well even if its a bad night, u still got some chicken to cook over the fire while waiting for the next bite LOL

    did u flavor it with anything, ive always heard to marinate chicken in strawberry extract.

  3. nope, just plain old raw chicken. thank god for the kroger-plus card:D
  4. Kroger Plus Card Rocks LOL

    did u cut it up into like 1 inch cubes?
  5. Do the Kroger workers get upset when you start throwing your cast net in the meat isle?:D

    I find this surprising, I always thought shad was the premium channel bait?
  6. Ok - went out and tried out the cut chicken breast concept tonight - what is really confusing to me is that we had out 2 lines with gills and 2 lines with chicken - the gills went untouched and the chicken landed a nice (18lb) flat. This is weird. :confused:

    -btw, thanks for the idea dinkbuster
  7. i never imagined flatties would hit chicken! hmm, wonder if they have whole fryers on sale?:D
  8. really if u think about it its not really that weird, the water levels are so low in some spots and how hot its been up untill now, there going on a feeding frenzy with these cooler temps, so easy prey why pass it up, catfish aint the scavengers of the rivers for nothing LOL...

    ps. bring grill bbq sauce and some waffle fries LOL
  9. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Just out of curiosity what type of water are you fishing? Farm pond, river, pay lake?
  10. Great Miami River
  11. pendog66

    pendog66 It swims its bait

    Dink i just realized, you can be KFC new spokesperson. " KFC chicken so good the catfish even eat it" lol :D
  12. Skinless-boneless or cheaper bone in and skin? How about just fish with the skin and eat the good part? How large a chunk were you using?:F
  13. I agree 100%

    In 3 years of fishing, I have yet to catch a decent cat on shad. I have got a few little guys, but nothing for the camera

    I have got several nice ones on chicken dipped in garlic scents.