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  1. I need to put together a terminal tackle box as my old one has been misplaced. What size hooks, weights, etc., would you guys suggest for inland lake panfish and bass fishing? I'm heading to Gander Mountain later this afternoon!


  2. rolland

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    If I understand ya right your looking to go from scratch and go out fishing.

    What are you looking to spend total? That would help a lot.

    Personally, I would get 6-8 pound test line. This is small enough to not spook small ones and still strong enough you can land some big fish if they happen to get your bait.

    I would get a few slip bobbers, the kind the line goes threw the bobber. You will also need to puy a pack of the knots to use with em. After you see how the knots work theres a thread on em in tackle talk misfit linked a great website to make your own.

    Hooks, starting from scratch and depending on budget I would get one of the plastic despencers with a bunch of 3-4 diff size smaller hooks. From there upgrade to good hooks as you see what you like best with how much bait, where you fish, what your catching ext. Same thing with sinkers, get a small container of 100 diffrent size small ones and go from there.

    Right now I would also grab some jigs and some little plastic guys to put on em. Live bait will be your best but once you locate a school sometimes you can switch to jigs and save your live stuf for another day. Going for panfish you want to get diffent colors, make difrent combos. few bucks in jigs can go a long way.

    I would also get
    minnow bucket
    small flashlight
    lantern/big flashlight if you will be out late
    rag or towel
    bug spray
    small bottle of asprin
    plyers to remove hooks
    2 sets of fingernail clippers (these get misplaced a lot)
    small pocket knife
    sun tan lotion
    Batteries for the camera
    lawn or other folding chair
    small cooler for ice and drinks

    This stuf and live bait your all set, then when you target a species you can upgrade lures, plastics, spiners... its endless.

  3. Thanks, rolland. I've got plenty of rods, reels, and lures...I'm just not sure of the best size hooks, floats, and sinkers to use. Guess I'll play it by ear like you said.
  4. I like to use a #4, or #6 size hook when panfishing, sometimes a #8.
  5. When fishing for panfish I usually always use a size 6 or 8 LONG SHANK hook, this helps keep them from swallowing the hook...Also another thing to look for is the small popper flies, I slay gills with them. I caught over 50 on one last week one day! as far as weight, you can get one of them split shot things that has all the different sizes in it, and floats dont have to be anything special...
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    My motto is "keep it simple". A variety pack of hooks ,bobbers, and sinkers is what I get. Nothing fancy.