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Tennis Elbow...ouch!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reel Lady, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true! who else around here is suffering (or has suffered) from this lovely thing called "Tennis Elbow?"
    Here are my symptoms...Bony bump on top of my elbow is extrememly tender to touch. Pain radiating from my elbow down to my wrist (both sharp and aching), No ability to grip or do anything that requires any overhand strength because my arm and hand are so darn weak, and finally... I get tingly sensations down the top of my forearm all the way up my thumb and pointer finger. Sounds pleasant huh??? lol
    I developed a seriously bad case about 1 1/2 months ago. I can remember the day actually. I spent many many hours working a husky jerk with a rod that was way to flimsy and a reel that was just a bit too heavy for me. I remember my arm hurting, but I ignored the pain in persuit of this big fish of my dreams.
    I've been faithfully taking anti-inflamatorys, icing it 2-3 times a day, stretching exercises, and even electrostimulation with absolutely no improvement. My fishing is down to bare minimum which to me is the worst part :'-( Well, that and the fact that I cant even hold a cup of coffee in my right hand without wincing in pain...)
    Today I finally broke down and went to the Orthopaedic. Yup.. he confirmed I have one heck of a case of Tennis Elbow. He said that I had been doing all of the right things, but some cases just seem to need the extra push to get them to heal. This extra "Push" was a cortisone shot right in my elbow.. right on the spot that I could cry if it is touched! Let me tell you...Just the idea of a needle going into my elbow was a bit unsettling (and I have worked in the medical field for my entire adult life too!)
    He explained to me exactly what this shot does and how it promotes healing. This I found quite interesting actually...Well, other than the cortisone helping with the inflamation, its the actual action of the needle puncturing the tendon that really aids in the healing. Basically once the needle was subdermal, he moved the needle all around and punctured my tendon multiple times all around the area where the tendon attaches to the bone. By doing this he is making the tendon bleed, and it is the blood that promotes healing. Interesting huh? I actually read on the internet of people being injected with their own blood (in the effected joint) to treat cases of tendonitis, but it is not totally proven that this is effective.
    Doc says that because I have very little fat, that he doesnt want to give me more than 2-3 total treatments because it will cause "thinning of the skin". He told me that 5-10% of his patients end up needing surgery for this condition. The procedure is to cut off the frayed end of the effected tendon and then reattach a blunt ended tendon to the bone.
    I'm really curious to see how many fisherman suffer from Tennis Elbow....What works for your pain? What have you tried that worked or didnt work? Did you have cortisone shots? Did they help? Did you end up needing surgery? Did it help?
    All I know is that it is so frustrating to have an arm that just doesnt want to do what you want it to do! Hopefully I will hear some success stories :eek:
  2. Well now you know your limits ;) Good luck with your elbow :)

  3. Welcome to the club. A couple of years ago I got it in my right elbow, after a cortisone shot, rest and exercise it went away. Now it is in my left elbow and I have no idea how I got it there. Old age I guess!
  4. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    I had it bad once, from playing golf of all things. It went away on it's own. Just remember to warm up the elbow before fishing, and ice afterwards.
  5. Sounds like a good ol case of lateral epicondilitis. Which is mostly cause by the use and over use of that small tendon which you have been talking about. I had a similar case of medial epicondilitis, or "golfers elbow" which its two main causes are typing a lot on a computer and liftin' weights, which i do both of since one, i am a college student, and two i am a college football player. My orthapedic surgion for our football team put me on Celebrex for 2 weeks (which is now pulled off of the shelf) and I had to lay off the weights for a couple weeks and it healed up just fine. Ice is the best, keep doing it! Be sure the bend your elbow while you ice, don't leave it straight because the muscles need to be stretched while icing otherwise they will cramp and become stiff. Good luck! sounds like you will be doing some trolling or jug fishing haha

  6. Basskisser1

    Basskisser1 And A Kiss For Good Luck!

    I've had several of the shots and they really do the job. No pain from the shot. Within a couple hours I had relief.....the shots were well worth it.
    I don't get tennis elbow from fishing.......I get old lady hand from fishing...LOL. My hand gets sore from holding my fishing pole for hours on end.
  7. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    I have mild Arthritis in my casting wrist and it sometimes hurts to the point where I had to break down and buy left handed retrieve baitcasters :eek:

    I look a bit akward casting and retrieving...and if I should hit a big fish on the leftys I think it may break the other wrist. Guess it would pay to try and strengthen my wrists thru exercise but I'm too lazy. I use wrist supports when I cast all day. I also play guitar (speed stuff) so I would never want to deal with any long term pain in my wrists.

  8. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i have been in pain for the last 2 months . baitcasting setups are ok, but the spinning rods are killer on my elbow.
  9. going thru the same thing now. I can't even hold a glass to drink with my left hand. Try switchin your reels over to the other hand - sounds like a hard thing to get used to, but it's not that bad. Had it in my right elbow about 8 years ago, same way, from too much computer mouse & keyboard. Doc asked how many time a day I moved my index finger to click the mouse, and I estimated 20 to 30 thouosand (I was doing CAD design 12 hours a day). Switched to lefthanded mouse, and was back to normal in about 3 months on the right hand with rest, ice, stretching, mild exercise, and a pillow band. Be patient, and give it a real rest.
  10. Sorry to hear about the Tennis Elbow. I have fibromyalgia and it has made tendonitis a regular occurence in my elbows. I can relate when you say its difficult to p/u a cup of joe! Im actually more likely to aggravate the condition by being around moist cool environments (basically anytime I go fishing-in fact my Dr. told me I may have to give up fishing as serious as I like to "WHATEVER MAN") Ive had this for 13 years now. Hopefully your diagnosis will not be chronic but often times... The nature of Tennis Elbow is that it does re-occur.

    This is what helps me.....
    * Spinning Tackle....When casting, Lindy Rigging, Jigging etc. I can support Spinning rod/reel all day. Spinning Reels rest in your hand easier and the rod & reel are more balanced, where as a bait casting rod requires you support, hold and balance the weight of the combo which creates wear/fatigue over time.

    * Cranking...I use my arm affected most by the tendonitis for cranking my 8-10 foot trolling combos and I use my stronger arm for supporting the rod during the fight, rigging etc. Im fortunate b/c I prefer a right handed crank on my trolling reel and my right arm is most affected. I used to use left and right handed cranks. now only right handed cranks on my trolling outfits.

    * Rods.. where applicable my rods have plenty of handle behind the reel and enough for a hand full in front of the reel. Being able to grip the rod in different places will allow you to apply the same pressure on the fish during the fight meanwhile affords more places to position your hands and maintain comfort as opposed to small handles & rods that only have room to grip behind the reel.

    * Hookset..Per..fect...the sweeping hookset. Meaning arms extended and trying to move the pole 180 degrees before you real slack. The mechanics to move the pole that distance requires using your shoulders hence the pressure is more on your shoulders than your elbow. Whereas a quick jerk will always put 90% of the pressure on the elbow. PLUS, You will find that sweeping hooksets afford a much higher catch ratio as opposed to "jerking". Thats a good thing!

    * Drag....If its really hurting...and your being really stubborn and wont call-it-a-day..loosen your drag. you will wind more, however that will reduce the pressure on your rod a little.

    Routinely, when I drink a gallon of water a day I notice my tendonitis is less likely to rear its ugly head. Maybe that will help you too.?. Also, I take two Ibuprofen before I go fishing and have a bottle with me and take 1 pill every 4 hours as Preventative Maint. Working out helps me a lot too! If none of that works..than your catching too many fish anyway!!! ;)

    I hope this wasnt a wast of your time reading
  11. i also have this problem. I play alot of golf and it never seems to bother me at all, but let me do some bass fishing with spinners or crank baits useing a spinning rod for a couple days and i cant grip or hold on to anything. Sometimes i have been fishing and all of a sudden drop the rod because i loose control of my right hand. I got a vibrator with several different types of heads you can pop on and off. The one that really helps me is one that puts off a somewhat warm heat and you can turn the vibrator on or off. i use it both ways and after a couple days it starts to go away. i use it for 30 to 45 minutes while watching tv. you may want to try this it works for me. Good Luck. P.S. Who ever is the camera buff in your family takes excellent pictures . Thats a talent..