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  1. Just wondered if there was a web site similiar to this web site for Tennesse fishing?:confused:
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    Fishin.com & Smalljaw.com are really about it. Smalljaw tends to have better info, but is pretty specific to a handful of lakes.

    Don't expect too many loose lips though. Don't forget, you ARE a yankee ;)

  3. Thanks for the information Shakedown!
  4. Believe it or not they were very receptive to me, although I did tell them I was from Tennesse. Hope a little white lie won't hurt.LOL
  5. been here for 8 years,i cant tell you about the lakes around knoxville
  6. my son is going to graduate school in johnson city up in the tip. has done real well with crappie in the larger water and has caught a bunch of nice little brook trout up in the near by moutains. he said the locals have been real helpful putting him on fish
  7. I went fishing at Dale Hollow over the Memorial day weekend and found 10 crappie that where hungry. Got a few SM, but nothing very big. Had a nice cat (about 5#) and a drum @ about the same. I used minnows and about everything in my bag with limited success. After 11:00 you really needed to get off the lake because of the boat and jet ski traffic. The weather was really nice, no rain and in the 90's. We fished all kinds of depths, but could only pick up a straggler here and there. I wish I knew how to get a stringer of those slabs.:) :)
  8. go to fishin.com and look for the discussion board link. you can find the Tenn discussion board there. Good luck