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  1. Ok here's the deal. When I moved in with my F-I-L he didn't have a remote for his television. We tried the Universal remotes but we are lucky enough to have a Sylvania that can't be programmed to a universal remote. So I get the model number and all that good stuff off the back of the tv. I call Funai Corporation (the parent company of Sylvania I guess). They tell me that they can't help me that I have to call Sears to get a replacement remote. So a week later and $33 lighter in the wallet I get the replacement remote in the mail today. Well I tried to use it and it doesn't work. The guy I talked to at Funai was rude and told me he had no information or could be no help. So I called Sears and got someone that excited to be at work. :rolleyes: I tried to explain to her and she said well I don't know what remote you ordered so I can't help you. She didn't even ask. So I said fine and hung up. Well I decided to call Sears back and the department I needed was closed for the evening so I have to call back tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem with Sylvania? Anyone know of anything I can do? I can't use my dvd player or my xbox until I get this damn remote to work. I think this will be the last Sylvania I will own. Well I guess I won't own a Sylvania since this one doesn't belong to me but I know for the future not to buy one. Someone help me. I've actually got to spend time with the wife. :eek: :D :p I've searched the net to no avail. The model number is SRT2232X. Thanks in advance.
  2. Or you could go fishin, sharpen your bow skills, do a little pre-season scouting, organize your tackle box, there's lots of things to do to get away from the wife!!!:D

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    there are some universals that are programmable for sylvania.unless you have an oddball tv:D
    shoot me a pm.
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    I fix T V for years and you have a Philips not the other companys thing.the place you was at is off limits to your brand.Sears as well.those universal ones lack all the features.I got a bushel of used controls. for every brand around.Yet bet I do not have the one you need.You need see a local TV repair shop they can give you info where to send to get it at North American Philips.I can not find address or phone number here. But you can go online and get to them.they will help you if any one can.if not thats your last chance.Sorry to say.
  5. Wow! To replace the remote for my cheap Goldstar VCR only $62.95. I think I can buy a new VCR for that.
  6. My buddy has one of the $150 universal remotes that you can program your coffee maker with and it won't even work it. The cable guy even said that he couldn't get it to program. He made the comment about having one of "those" Sylvania's that you can't program.
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    maybe you'll get a REAL tv for your birthday:D

    no,that is not a hint;):D
  8. How about for Christmas Santa? :D

    I'll mention it to the wife and see what she says.
  9. I followed a guys advice at Sears and tried the remote on another Sylvania tv. The remote works so that tells me the remote works so it's the tv. The great thing is that since it was bought through Sears they have to fix it. They want $105 just to come out and then who knows how much to fix the sensor so I can use the remote. Looks like I'm in the market for a new tv.
  10. hit up sam's club, ull be able to get a bigger tv for a cheaper price and a name brand one at that.
  11. I never thought of that. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.