Telescopic, travel friendly rod

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by leckig, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I am going to some wild places soon and I need a rod that will fit in my bagpack. I almost purchases the penrod, but I found somewhere on these forums that the penrod is not worth even the $8 it costs.

    Any telescopic rods that you can recommend?

    I think I would use my Gander Mountain reel that I have, is quite small, but I need a rod that I can trust. A combo would be OK as well. I would be fishing salt water flats and also maybe fresh water rivers in the tropics.

  2. SConner

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    I don't know if there is a really good telescopic rod, but I have a combo I keep in my car that has been OK when I have used it. Caught a pike last year with it! Shakespere in carrying case from Walmart for $20.

  3. aaaa, $100, thats mucho dineros.

    I ended up buying Eagle Claw Travelmaster. Excellent reviews, looks like it has been produced for generations now. $50 shipped.
  4. Darby Rat

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    I mostly kayak fish, so I fish the same Shakespeare 5.5' telescopic rod that SConner mentioned in his post. I've this combo outfit for 15+ yrs. now and have only broke 2 poles. 1st pole lasted about 10 years (it didnt break all the way, only cracked the end section), and I just broke the 2nd one this summer. I got another exact combo again at Meijer's, because I had a hard time finding them at Wally World, where I got the last 2. Prior to finding that combo, I bought an Eagle Claw 5.5' tele combo. They both fish about the same. I like it too. Don't let their size fool you, these little guys can really take some abuse, and land large fish. Largest fish landed on them was a 30" carp, along with several 15+" sheepsheads. Yet to meet a smallie I could'nt handle. The secret is setting the drap just right, so the line stretch, rod bowing, and drag work for you. The reels that come with them are OK, but I have better UL reels I switch around on them. Carry several xtra reels as backups, they're small. By the way, I own 6 regular size medium spinning rod combos and more rods that I use also, but when yaking only the little guy. When I fish the larger combo's I still take the UL because you can present lures better in some situations than the big boys. Just my $0.02 worth. Good luck on your purchase decision.