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    Hello All

    I have a Meade starfinder equatorial 8" telescope with some acc. I am looking to sell.

    It is a newtonian type telescope/ Starfinder Equatorial mount 8" f/6. With a length of 48" and aprox. weight of 70 lbs.

    I purchased this new for 899.00 and used it just two times but with health problems it's just to much to take it out anymore.:(

    It has been in storage in my attic since 1999 covered up just dusty and needs cleaned up and would be like new.

    tube has been covered so very little dust inside. the eq mount keeps the scope centered on what you are viewing instead of moving it all the time.

    This thing is heavy so shipping would be very high prefer it be picked up but willing to ship at your expense

    Trade's for small boat/motor/trailer, electronics or something else

    I am looking to get 600.00 or best offer out of this.

    picture links below these are very large 800X600 for clarity.

    I may sell this on ebay so pics are watermarked.

    pickup is barberton, ohio 44203

    get scope
    one 25mm eyepiece
    adapters for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
    some wrenches for adjustment
    battery holder for AA battery's so no external power needed

    please pm me but prefer email

    Thanks for looking Jim

    I can take more images or email me and I can take what you want and post or email them.
  2. zeppelin_2000

    zeppelin_2000 Barberton,Ohio

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    Any and all trades / offers considered just email or pm me need to get rid of this to some one that could use it. it is a truly awesome telescope.