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Teach your kids the laws...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bkr43050, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. I had an interesting incident today at lunchtime.

    For once I decided to bring some fishing gear with me to work today and go out during my lunch hour and toss a few lures at a city park pond. When I arrived a couple of youngsters (11 or 12 years old?) came riding in on their bicycles all excited. They went on down the bank and proceeded to pull out out nice 6 foot cast net. Immediately I am thinking now what in the heck are these kids up to? Well the one boy turned to me and told me excitedly that they were trying to net a turtle which I then saw sunning on a log. I thought, no big deal what can it hurt anyway? Well after they failed to get the turtle they came my was along the bank and spotted several small trout cruising the shallows. This lake gets an annual stocking of trout. Then the one kid prepares to cast as the other one turns to me excitedly and says "Hey there are some trout out here!" So I then told the kids that they better not get caught netting those trout or they will be in serious trouble. Well the other kid evidently either did not hear or did not believe me so he went ahead and casted and caught a couple of trout.:eek: Then I walked over to them and told them they better throw them back unless they wanted trouble so they did. Then the boy with the net says to me, "Wow I did not know you could not net these fish." I tried to explain to them that they could net minnows, suckers, and so forth. I don't know whether they will remember or not.:rolleyes: My thought is that if you have kids who have access to the nets and fishing tackle you should explain to them what is legal and not legal. Maybe the parents did try to teach it but they better try again. It is not the first time the boy has wielded a cast net. He was trowing it better than I can most times.
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    You are 100% correct. It all starts at home. This includes EVERYTHING ;) THE CATKING !!!

  3. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!


    If you got those boys phone number I would be glad to show them the difference between baitfish and sportfish.

    You did say they could throw a cast net well didn't ya ;)

    Catking is exactly right on this one.
    I am old enough to get a second chance helping with grandkids :D
  4. Yeah, I was impressed with the kid's casting. He had it down to gripping the net in the mouth.:rolleyes: Being that he was not all that big he actually got the net spinning better by doing a couple twirls before releasing. He obviously did not pick the net up that day for the first time.;)
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    I am curious, was this by chance at Antrim? They were looking for some guys with a cast net this spring. They seem to take that seriously.
  6. No this was Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon. It is a relatively small lake that the city stocks annually with some trout. They get hit pretty hard right away but then there are always a few in there. They never make it long enough to be much size though.:(
  7. Sounds like they are good kids just needing a little guidance. Refreshing to know they gave you respect. I've come accross a few that are just ornary. Says alot about their parents.
  8. Yeah, the kids were respectful. They just have not been taught properly. It really makes me wonder if the parents either do not know the laws or whether they ignore them in cases like this?:rolleyes: