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Tcba Catfish Tournament Results July 9th Clendening Lake

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by tcba1987, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    jason hicks---2 fish---7 lbs 3 oz---50 pts $115
    floyd rennicker---1 fish---6 lbs 0 oz---50 pts** $77
    ashley hart---1 fish---4 lbs 3 oz---38 pts
    amy hart---2 fish---3 lbs 12 oz---32 pts
    jeff huff---1 fish---2 lbs 10 oz---26 pts
    rocky moore---2 fish---1 lbs 13 oz---20 pts
    stevie conner---2 fish---1 lbs 1 oz---16 pts
    josh marshall---1 fish---1 lbs 0 oz---12 pts
    tory gibbs---1 fish---15 oz---10 pts
    joey huff---1 fish---15 oz---8 pts
    chuck hart---1 fish---13 oz---6 pts
    brian huff---1 fish---12 oz---4 pts

    there was 12 anglers who turned in no fish and received 4 pts for

    chester wenger
    cody huff
    jabie keppler
    jeffery huff
    jim pretorius
    kim huff
    kyle marshall
    renee huff
    andrew hill
    shawn marshall
    zach dayton
    derrick hostetler

    biggest fish---floyd rennicker---6 lbs 0 oz $48
    jason hicks---5 lbs 6 oz
    ashley hart---4 lbs 3 oz

    oddfish---derrick hostetler---15 oz---flathead $15