TCBA Catfish Tournament Results For 5-10-08 DOUBLE POINTS

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    Floyd Rennicker---5 fish---20 lbs 15 oz---60 pts **
    Brian Huff---5 fish---14 lbs 1 oz---54 pts**
    Mike Huff---3 fish---14 lbs 1 oz---38 pts
    Amy Hart---2 fish---9 lbs 4 oz---32 pts
    Rocky Moore---1 fish---7 lbs 11 oz---32 pts*
    Don Huff---2 fish---7 lbs 8 oz---20 pts

    there was 7 anglers who turned in 0 fish and recieved 4 pts

    Chuck Hart
    Rick Moore
    Brian Zimmerman
    Jeff Huff
    Joe Brown
    KC Knight
    Jeff Vance

    Big Fish

    Rocky Moore---7 lbs 11 oz---Channel Cat
    Amy Hart---6 lbs 8 oz---Channel Cat

    There was NO ODD FISH turned in

    ** recieved bonus for limit of fish
    * recieved bonus for big fish

    BIG FISH WINNER ROCKY MOORE 7 lbs 11 oz Channel Cat