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Tcba Catfish Tournament Results August 20th Tappan Lake

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by tcba1987, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    The Fishing Was Tough And The Turnout Lousy But We Did Manage A Few Catfish :)

    Jason Hicks---3 Fish---5 Lbs 3 Oz---28 Pts*
    Jeff Huff---5 Fish---4 Lbs 10 Oz---27 Pts*
    Floyd Rennicker---5 Fish---4 Lbs 7 Oz---24 Pts*
    Brian Huff---2 Fish---4 Lbs 2 Oz---19*
    Tory Gibbs---2 Fish---1 Lbs 15 Oz---13 Pts
    Renee Huff---2 Fish---1 Lbs 5 Oz---10 Pts
    Kc Knight---2 Fish---1 Lbs 4 Oz---8 Pts
    Chuck Snyder Jr---1 Fish---8 Oz---6 Pts

    There Was 5 Anglers Who Turned In 0 Fish And Received 2 Pts

    Amy Hart
    Ashley Hart
    Jim Pretorius
    Rocky Moore
    Chet Wenger

    Big Fish----brian Huff---3 Lbs 2 Oz---channel Cat :b
    ------------jason Hicks---3 Lbs 2 Oz---channel Cat :b

    Odd Fish---floyd Rennicker---3 Lbs 9 Oz---carp :b
  2. Even though the weather sucked and the bite did too I had a good time...Ill probably end up fishing in one of the river tournaments comein up...

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    This hot, hot weather I think has really put them off the feedbag.
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