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Tcba Catfish Tournament Results 7-23 Tusc River

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by tcba1987, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    Floyd Rennicker---3 Fish---10 Lbs 10 Oz---28 Pts
    Ashley Hart---2 Fish---5 Lbs 0 Oz---22 Pts
    Eric Dryden---2 Fish---4 Lbs 13 Oz---19 Pts
    Rocky Moore---1 Fish---3 Lbs 6 Oz---16 Pts
    Kyle Marshall---1 Fish---2 Lbs 13 Oz---13 Pts
    Don Huff---1 Fish---2 Lbs 12 Oz---10 Pts
    Josh Marshall---2 Fish---2 Lbs 9 Oz---8 Pts
    Amy Hart---1 Fish---1 Lbs 12 Oz---6 Pts
    Don Bailey---1 Fish---1 Lbs 9 Oz---4 Pts

    There Was 14 Anglers Who Turned In 0 Fish And Received 2 Pts For

    Brian Huff
    Chuck Hart
    Denny Marshall
    Jason Hicks
    Jeff Huff
    Jim Pretorius
    Mike Huff
    Renee Huff
    Robert Fishel
    Tom Edwards
    Tory Gibbs
    Jim Thomas
    Kc Knight
    Greg Bowling

    Biggest Fish---floyd Rennicker---4 Lbs 15 Oz---channel
    ---------------rocky Moore---3 Lbs 6 Oz---channel

    Odd Fish---josh Marshall---3 Lbs 13 Oz---carp
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