Tcba Catfish Points Standings as of 9-01-07 Tournament

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    Tcba Catfish Points Standings as of 9-01-07 Tournament

    Floyd Rennicker---22 fish---283 pts**
    Brian Huff---10 fish---205 pts**
    Rocky Moore---13 fish---191 pts**
    Chuck Hart---16 fish---183 pts**
    Travis Horner---8 fish---161 pts**
    Amy Hart---7 fish---114 pts**
    Rusty Dawson---8 fish--103 pts**
    Donald Huff---4 fish---94 pts**
    Chuck Snyder---4 fish---87 pts**
    Chet Wenger---7 fish---83 pts**
    Joe Brown---2 fish---75 pts**
    Renee Huff---2 fish---50 pts**
    Mike Huff---2 fish---48 pts**
    Jeff Arrington---3 fish---47 pts*
    Brad Justice---3 fish---42 pts**
    Jamie Gutscher---1 fish---18 pts**
    Chris King---1 fish---14 pts**
    Andy Pribonic---0 fish---8 pts**
    Billie Jo Dawson---0 fish---6 pts**
    Stacy Brown---0 fish---6 pts*
    Jeff Huff---0 fish---6 pts*
    James Branham---0 fish---6 pts*
    Jeff Vance---0 fish---4 pts*
    KC Knight---0 fish---4 pts*
    Alex Chupp---0 fish---4 pts*
    Eric King---0 fish---4 pts*
    Steve Gray---1 fish---3 pts*
    James Pettitt---0 fish---2 pts**
    Andrew Huff---0 fish---2 pts*
    Emma Arrington---0 fish---2 pts*
    Jason Stanfield---0 fish---2 pts*
    Kenny Roberts---0 fish---2 pts*
    Roy Boyes---0 fish---2 pts*
    Cody Gray---0 fish---2 pts*