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  1. looking at buying a new gun and was wondering if you could use encore pistol barrels with the encore rifle and just put a pistol grip on it? :confused:
  2. Yes you can do that no problem because they are the same frame, but there has been alot of debate on many different forums about the legality of it.

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    you would want a pistol frame, so legally you can use the rifle or pistol barrel(s) on it
  4. why would that not be legal :confused:
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    feralies and their rules
  6. Yeah, our gun laws are deffinitly a mess. I was curious as to the legality of high cap SKS mags as I always see them at shows etc. ( I don't even own an SKS and always thought modifying import guns this way was illegal) so I got curious and did research, long story short you can't add a high cap detachable mag to an imported gun unless you first change enough parts on the gun so that it isn't an import.:confused:
    at least that is my understanding.