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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good taxidermist in the area.

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    Tom at Pineywood.....which is located at the back end of Mogadore Res. does fantastik work.....Last I checked.......animals fish......but give them a call and check.......if this is in the area your looking for........Jon Sr.
  3. I am located right outside of Ravenna.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Pineywood no longer does fish from what I am told....they do one heck of a job on the other game species for sure.

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    try commodore 64's dad. saw some of his work and it was awesome.
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    Rick webber in columbiana,,,
  7. ...fireman2028 ...what in particular do you want mounted at this time...
    Our area has a few...
    Bill's Taxidermy
    5579 Unger Rd. Atwater
    Edsall's Taxidermy Shop
    6710 Red Brush Road--Ravenna
    Pinnywood Taxidermy
    2545 Palm Road. Mogadore
    Skip's Taxidermy
    3730 Winchell Road...Mantua
    Have used Edsalls and Pinnywood both do great work...Pinneywood does not do fish anymore...
    Skips is doing three fish for me right now see how they turn out....
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  8. Rick webber in columbiana makes some of the nicest skin mounts I have seen. Brucker taxidermy by west branch did a good job, but I dont know if he is still in business. I would say that your choice should somwhat be based on species.
  9. I am looking at getting a 31 inch channel cat mounted.Thanks for the advice as well guys on places where I can get it done an all.
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    rick weber is the best in Ohio hands down. You can't match his work
  11. I used to do a little fish taxidermy and mounting catfish is a challenge because of all the shrinkage in the head. Do not be surprised if they recomend a fiberglass reproduction on the cat.
  12. If you are wanting to mount a cat you will need to go with a graphite or fiberglass repoduction to get anything decent. google ron lax taxidermay adn see whta they have to offer.
  13. Hey thanks guys I'll have to look him up and see what he says.