taxidermist recommendation?

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  1. I know this type of tread has a lot of old previous threads, but I would just like your up to date recommendations for a good taxidermist for fish in NE Ohio. Im more interested in great work than low cost.

    I would be interested in a traditional recommendation and a replica shop choice to compare. Actual business name and / or phone number is all I would need. Might be moving away soon, and its probably time to let one of these steelies make the trip with me b/c they dont grow them like this everywhere.

    Thanks guys.
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    I highly reccomend Rick Webber who is in Columbiana,just south of Youngstown.He has done numerous fish for me and was highly reccomended to me by another taxidermist who doesnt do fish but is on The Ohio Board of taxidermist.You mite wait awhile to get your fish back but it will be well woth your wait.Rick has done the state record steelhead that was caught off of Conneaut about 10 years ago and is in a glass showcase,awesome mount,,,,,hes also done a behemoth 9lb smallie that was caught off on Conneaut as well a few years ago.

    If you need his number let me know i`ll get it to you.

  3. I have a mount of his thats pushing 20 yrs old. It looks the same as the day I picked it up. He was at 10bucks an inch. Hope he gets my eyes done soon!:confused:
  4. I would like his number. If you could post that or PM I would appreciate it, thanks.

    What do I have to do to preserve the fish? - photos and measurements or a special kind of freezing?
  5. I agree with Keith & Jig and would also recommend Rick's Taxidermy 330-482-4168. He also does replica mounts. My son caught a 22" LM this spring that was full of eggs. We took a couple pics and the measurements then released the fish for another day. In my opinion the replica Rick did looks better than the real thing. Plus you get it back from him a lot quicker.
  6. For a good mount netting is probably the first step. Itll mark a fish up good. Leave it in the water just using the nest to hold the fish trapped. Second try to keep it alive as long as possible. If not you freeze it in a plastic bag good side up. Outside works now if the dogs/coons dont get it. My bud has a chest freezer. If you want to get it too him. Call first! Him to skin a fish right-away is tough. Here is two of his mounts he did. One is 20yrs old. Can you tell which? Also the Steelie mentioned.