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Taxation, No Representation!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c. j. stone, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. (Since I'm not going to mention any proper names or parties, hopefully this doesn't crash based on being 'political'.)
    I live in Portage County(yeah, I know, not proud of it)! Anyways, yesterday, my wife went up the driveway to get the mail. She found a giant shiny new blue trash bin with an instruction sheet taped to it( from the Portage Cty Recycle Plant. Seems our township has been given the honor to "forcefully" recycle various trash items into the shiny new bin to be collected once every two weeks-and we only HAVE TO pay a fee of $2.50 a month! If we DON'T pay, our property tax will be accessed the payment total annually. As far as I knew, the only ways my Property tax can change is by a re-evaluation of my property or a school levy getting approved by popular vote! Anybody ever run into something like this before?
  2. Do you currently pay a bill for trash collection??

  3. You must be one of the last communities in the county to be included in this. I'm sure they have it all figured out by now. I live in Ravenna and have been doing it for years. Be glad you don't have to separate it anymore. Smile and pay the 2.50 a month that's only 1/2 a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
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    No experience with what you describe, but I can say definitively the county is legally authorized to levy an unvoted tax up to ten mills (1%). It is known as "inside millage" and all overlapping jurisdictions must share the rate. It doesn't have to be shared equally but if the county levies 7 mills, for example, the schools, the city, and even the township are left duking it out for the other 3 mills.

    I will say my understanding is that this levy must be applied evenly. So if you're being told your property will be assessed a charge, I would think they'd also have to apply the same charge to everyone in that jurisdiction as well.

    Consider yourself lucky. I work in Columbus and live outside the city. The residents of Columbus voted themselves access to 2.5% of my annual GROSS income. Keep in mind this is not AGI we are talking about. It's not 2.5% AFTER federal taxes, 401k, and any other pre-tax deductions. To make things simple if you make $100k, $2,500 straight off the top goes to Handy Andy Ginther and Co. and I never got a say in the tax rate since I'm not eligible to vote due to being a non-resident. Talk about taxation without representation!
  5. YES-but a private hauler, no community collection! And it's not cheap(they told us THEY "recycle for us" at their plant when we originally signed on with them)! Don't know what happens with them if my weekly amount is cut in half(this all just happened yesterday)! What really burns us is there was no prior notification about this before we found the new bin at the curb, not in local paper-nothing. Just "here it is, Have Fun"!! Another bad thing, just like the cable company, it will likely go up yearly. Not a good thing for a retired couple on a "fixed" income!No Social Security COLA for a few years now!
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  6. Here is my experience. Our township negotiates trash removal for us. They solicit competitive bids and award a contract for some amount of years. (usually around 3 years) The last new contract went to a company that puts a lot of emphasis on recycling. They provided the big bin for recyclables. My monthly trash rate stayed about the same.
    I was not enthused about having to put recyclables in one bin and garbage in another. However it really has not been that big of a pain. We bought a 13 gallon trash can for the house and use it for the recyclable items.
    It is amazing how much of our waste goes into the recycle bin. Weight wise it is probably 2 to1 or more recyclables.
    I guess if you look at the big picture using recycle bins should help keep your trash removal cost down. The cost per ton for landfill use would have gone up at the present rate of usage and space becoming more scarce. Recyling should help slow the rate increase on landfill space.
    You save money. Wanna buy a used car??
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    I agree that changing the rate forcefully is wrong, but recycling is a huge need. Every day I go anywhere I see trash. Plastic shopping bags are the anti-Christ. Every woods around has trash that blows around in it. I was the last person alive to acknowledge the need for this, but it is real. I started small, no bottled water, paper grocery bags or the cloth re useable, no more keurig machine. A drink of water or cup of coffee should not generate garbage that will live on this planet for eternity. I have a stainless water bottle, my favorite travel coffee mug, and I noticed a difference. Am I going to grow a man bun and worry about gmo and gluten? No. does it save money yes... quite a bit actually. My kids are what changed it. Every toy is cheap plastic Chinese trash that is designed to break, your child is devastated, and you are mandated to go back to Walmart and buy a replacement.
    I'm way off topic, but the recycling bin is a good thing. $30 a year? Welcome to America, land of plastic trash!
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  8. A few years back my township joined/sign w/ 1 company to collect trash and recycle, but you could opt out if you wanted.
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    The only thing that bugs me, is that they act like you're paying for a service , when in reality they're making money off of your trash. Most of the recyclable items go to the respective recycling facilities in the municipalities, where they're separated, cleaned, bundled, then SOLD to other companies for use. I don't know the rate, but I've been told that it's a fairly lucrative turn around.
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    I remember when we were paid to recycle
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  11. You are correct. The private companies do this to make money. That is what businesses do. Trash haulers make a profit. Landfills make a profit. Recyclers make a profit.
    Picking up trash and hauling it to a landfill or recycling it is no different than mining for minerals/natural resources and selling them. They all have value.
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    The difference is when someone wants my minerals or trees to sell, they pay me for the right to sell them. It just seems a little odd that they charge us to sort our trash, keep a separate bin around, and make sure it's where it needs to be when it needs to be there , for them to sell it. I feel like it should be treated like any other resources. Wether it be trees, minerals, gas, metal, etc. The people making the money on those items compensate whoever owns the source. I don't expect them to pay me for my recyclables, and I don't feel like the minimal charge is worth raising hell about, but it does seem that at the least it should be a free "service".

    Where I live now, there is no fee, but also no recycle service unless you take it in yourself. Where I just moved from, there was a small fee, and they didn't even pick it up. They put several giant recycle bin trailers around town in places like Walmart and kroger parking lot. They were labeled plastic, paper, glass, etc. And you were expected to take your recyclables in a drop them off. Some did, but most just put it with the regular trash. I lived out of the city limits and had to pay per bag for my trash service, so I burned most of my paper items but I tried to save my plastic items and haul them in when I went into town.
  13. Byg


    What I see happens, is the municipalities create a recycle plan, you do the work separating your trash and they sell it to the recycler reducing there dumping rates saving them money. Do you get a reduced trash bill? NO

  14. Ohhhhhhhhh..... now the wife's paycheck makes sense...
  15. FOSR

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    I'm in Prairie Township in Franklin County, no recycling unless I want to haul it into Columbus.

    Yes, plastic and glass will be in the landfill forever.

    Plastic grocery bags are called "urban tumbleweeds"
  16. This is the county's recycle plant that is pushing us into this. You can opt out but you still get assessed the fee on your property tax!
  17. It is about convenience. If I had to put recyclables in my vehicle and drop them somewhere I do not think I would do that. I was stubborn when they told us they were giving us the recycle bin. Vowed I would not do it. But after I gave it a chance, throwing paper, glass, and plastic in one container in my kitchen and most everything else in another is not a issue at all.
    You have the option to take your recyclables to a recycler for money. Try it. See if it is worth the effort. You might be on to something.
    My monthly bill for trash pick up at my curb every week is $13.75/month. They pick up the recycle bin every other week. They take just about anything I put out there and any quantity. Not sure what others pay. I think what I .pay is a decent deal for me. If they want to sort through my trash and sell what they can that is OK with me.
  18. Do the right thing. Recycle.
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  19. From what I've heard, the trash companies make money on the aluminum, but actually lose money on the glass, plastic, and paper. They're required to pick up the other items by the contract. Of course it also means they have less trash bags in the regular trash to pick up too.

    I'm all for any program that keeps our landfills from filling up so fast. Waste not, want not. Those landfills will be around forever and be not useable for a very long time.

    It sucks that you are required by your township to join in on the recycling, but they really have the best interests of everyone in mind and they really do try and find the best price with competitive bidding.
  20. Consider this. In a few generations there will be full time companies mining our current dumps, let alone older dumps. The main mineral which will make it possible for them to clear all the Valuable resources that are in the dump. That main mineral will be aluminum as in cans.
    That is what I say and I am sticking to it.