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  1. this summer at country concert i spent the night in a tent in a monsoon. i want to get a new tent this year. i am thinking that gray dome tent by kelty. i mostly camp alone so a 3 or 4 man tent is plenty.i use a queen size air mattress when i sleep. any ideas would be helpful. i will always be a coleman user but that kelty tent i found at bass pro shops is nice.
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    the best tent i have ever owned has been the cabelas alaskan guide series model.
    i've had it for about 8 years now and love it!
    it's never leaked the 1st drop of water,and it's very warm in cold temps.we've had it in northern ontario when it got down into the high 30's and we stayed very stood basically still in the middle of a bad thunderstorm that had some pretty strong winds.
    in the summer we leave the rain fly off and open the vents to stay cool.
    it's the only tent i've ever seen with built in cup holders!
    mines a 6 person model but they make them in a 4 person model.
    when you find what you want you should takle a look on e-bay.alot of folks get into camping then decide it's not for them then sell of everything.

  3. I've used a Eureka Timberline 4xt (4 man) tent with the built in vestibule for years of dry camping. It's a simple V shape that sheds water, easy to assemble and reasonably priced. I like having a zip door at each end in case entry zipper ever fails. I would seam seal any tent if your are serious about staying dry.
  4. i have read all of the online reviews for the timberline tent at cabelas and basspro. almost evey review stated that they have had their timberline tent for at least 20 years. i think we might have a winner.
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    back(waaaaay back!) when i was a student a ohio u in the outdoor rec. program we used timberlines when we canoe camped or backpacked and were very well made tents.
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    I can't find anythin nicer. I have 2 of them. I know you fly solo, but you'll enjoy the elbow room. I have set this up alone many times in about 20 minutes.




    Good Luck

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    Holy cow, as a backpacker I was expecting a totally different sort of tent... my girlfriend and I use a North Face Rock22, which takes about a minute to set up and has kept us dry up to 50MPH winds and thunderstorm, while on an island the size of a small house. It's certainly proven itself, in our eyes, and it's pretty cheap and weighs almost nothing. However, you sacrifice space for ease of setup and light weight.