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    I am FINALLY getting into bowhunting after about 10 years of wishing I had a bow come November. My bow is being shipped this week, so I still won't be able to hunt this year, but next year I'll be after them.

    My question for today is about targets. With so many out there, and with so much advertising and endorsements its tough to figure out which one to buy. So, I figured I would ask you guys and see what you have liked.

    I should mention that I'm probably going to be shooting Broadheads about 1/2 the time, and fieldpoints the other half. I am not opposed to the idea of buying 2 seperate targets if you know of a broadhead specific target that is just outstanding. I considered the Block 4x4, but it seems like the outter covering would come off with each removal, leaving no dots after a few dozen arrows to the same zone. I am OK with spending a little extra $$ if I get what I pay for.

    It might also be helpful to know that I'll be throwing carbon arrows with a 70# Bowtech.

  2. get the block 4x4. its the best target out. pretty much all targets your gonna have to spray paint or put on new bullseyes.

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    For target tips, get a Morrell bag target. I have the Super Duper, and its about 2 years old and has tons of life left. I've put thousands(yes, thousands) of shots into it and I'm not even close to needing a new cover yet.:) It stays outside too, its the toughst target I've ever shot. For broadheads, I shoot just a cheapie Wally World "block" target, I only shoot B-heads about a month before and during hunting season, so an expensive target for them isn't needed.;) !%
  4. I have a Morrell broadhead target which i'm not thrilled with. Arrow removal is very hard due to the outside solid foam. Once you have 1000 shots in it, it's fine. I like the block, but would hate to spend that type of money on it.
  5. I agree with FishPro.

    I've purchased a number of different targets over the years. I've settled on purchasing only the Big Block foam targets. They're relatively inexpensive, about $20 or less and they last about 2 seasons of shooting both field tips and broadheads.

    Broadheads seem to tear up all targets, no matter how much you spend on them and after they get torn up, the arrows start passing through them, which of course dulls the blades of your broadheads. The foam targets stop the arrows as well as anything and don't cost an arm and leg.

    The money left over can go toward a new fixed-position treestand, and I love having plenty of those in the areas I hunt.:D
  6. Another vote for morell, bags for field points they last forever, and anything cheap for broadheads, mine is styrofoam and has lasted a few years but I don't shoot broadheads for anything but sighting in. All practice is with feild points.