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    I'm a first year fisherman and I need a little info. Bought my first boat this year and I now have a tackle box full of lures and 3 or 4 new rods and reels. I have everything but the fish. I have been to Mosquito a couple times and Berlin once and I have caught one small bass. I have also fished the Ohio river several times with no luck. The problem is I don't know how to fish, but I'm not going to quit just yet. I guess my main target would be bass but I would also like to catch something I could put in the skillet, like a bunch of Crappie. I have never fished Tappen but it looks like a pretty neat lake with lots of coves and such. Can any of you give me any tips on fishing this lake? Hot spots, methods, things to watch out for like stumps or shallow spots? What types of fish to target and which lures are best? Information on these topics or any other things you can think of that might help will be appreciated.
  2. Throw small shad raps along the bank. Saugeye, largemouth, and whitebass love them. Trolling shad raps works well too.

  3. Try Carolina rigging or Texas rigging a worm near any laydowns or on the rip-rap. That is usually how I get the bass at Tappan. Tappan can be good at times. Most of the time I do fairly well there.