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tappen 9/24

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrtwister_jbo, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. water's still higher than i ever seen but the fish were a bitin :D
    me an the wife hit it this afternoon 1st time out in over 3 weeks!!
    minor surgey an helping friends out who got flooded an man times flys :eek:
    ok any way back 2 fishing hit one of the overpass'es an bam white's,crappies
    an bass both lg an sm mouth most got on 1/16 an 1/8 heads white an chart 3'' tails but the bigger bass an the 16''smallie came on (my fav top water )
    the POP_R :cool: had a real biggin on but threw the hook right at shore
    probly around 5or 6 lber!! the 3 lg bass on the pop_r were all keepers 14'' 15''inchers. wife realy put in on the crappies casting under the overpass letting
    it sink on a 10 count an a couple of cranks an a jiggle or 2 an :) fish on
    final count
    25 to 30 whites biggest 11''
    crappies maybe 50 or so mostly 6'' to 8'', we had 5 or 6 10'' an 1 11 1/2''
    lg mouth bass 9 all 2 gather mostly small no keepers on tails 3 on pop-r
    smallies 3 all 2gather 2on chart tails, 1 16'' on pop-r
    did drag tails tip with a piece of crawler for eyes all i got was 2 small channels an a perch :)
    all in all a real nice day
    mr an mrstwister
    ps all fish'es were released 2 fight a nother day
  2. I'm thinking of heading down there (tappan) today, either there or somewhere on the Tusc. I've never fished either area, so it should be interesting. Hope theirs restrooms nearby, my gf and my buddie's wife will be with us. I hate stopping fishing to take someone on a bathroom trip lol. I'll have to check the maps and look for an overpass to fish, hopefully i can do as good as you did.

  3. WillyB

    WillyB Go Bucks!!!

    Hey there Jimbo, glad to see you got your jig back in the water. :) Good job on the fishes. I guess they don't care how high the water is. Haven't been out in 2 months. Wife has had me remodeling. Gettin close to being done so maybe you and I can hit em here in a couple of weeks. I still haven't caught a smallie at Tappan. :(
  4. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Hey Jimbo how's it going? I've been dying to get back down there since we fished together. I doubt it will happen though. I have a tourny on Erie in Oct. so I need to spend my time up there. Good job on the fish.