Tappan Thursday...

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    Took the Boat out for the first run Thursday at Tappan- stopped and visited Corey at the bait shop, got nsome info on where the fish were, but little luck- fish were in 1to 3' of water , lake temp between 58.5 to 60 degrees , depending on where you were in the lake- caught 1 nice 'gill on a #3 blue fox inline spinner ( the OLD style blue fox, the ones that were made in finland, not the walmart china junk !!!) well, the gill saved me from being skunked...- lake should heat up soon- btw , saw 2 HOG bass breaking water in a couple of shallow bays , and lots of shad around the shallows in the pipeline area- talked to a guy at the ramp- he just got 1 small largemouth all day- should get better soon !!! 'Rude Dog